Yellow Patio Umbrellas

Buy a yellow patio umbrella and bring a little bit of sunshine to your outdoor area. We have bright, bold products that can beautify your patio or deck with this pleasant hue. We at MJJ Sales are confident that with our many sizes, shapes, and styles, our catalog has the yellow outdoor umbrella that you’re looking for! Browse our collection of products for sale that come in yellow, or contact our team and we can help you find the perfect option that will remind you of summer all year.

New 9′ Wood Umbrella with Suncrylic Canvas

yellow-9-wood-sunbrella-smallA fade-resistant yellow canvas tops a richly beautiful heavy-wood base. This product comes with a rope-and-pulley system and has a high-quality Suncrylic canvas.

MSRP: $299.95 Only $199.95

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7.5′ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Tilt and Crank

7-5-alum-tilt-crank-yellowThe durable aluminum frame coupled with a 7.5-foot yellow canopy creates a good choice for many people with smaller shade needs.

MSRP: $119.95 Only $79.95 More Info »

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9’ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Tilt

9-ft-alum-tilt-yellowThis is our standard-size umbrella and a favorite product for many of our customers. Adjustable as the sun moves across the sky, this option looks great in yellow as well.

As low as $84.95 More Info »

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11 Aluminum Umbrella with Crank

11-foot-crank-yellowThis is the largest option for those looking for a yellow umbrella. It provides a wider area of shade and can help shield guests sitting at larger tables from the sun.

MSRP: $239.95 Only $129.95 More Info »

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9’ Aluminum Umbrella with Suncrylic Canvas

9-suncrylic-yellowGet a higher-quality canvas (a canvas made out of Suncrylic material) to make sure that beautiful yellow color doesn’t fade over time.

MSRP: $259.95 Only $149.95 More Info »

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9ft Aluminum Market Umbrella with Sunbrella Canvas

9-market-suncrylic-yellowAre you looking for a high-quality yellow product that offers better UV protection? A Sunbrella canvas is the way to go. This option is our standard-sized Sunbrella product.

MSRP: from $429.95 As low as $289.95

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5′ Square Wood Market Umbrella with Sunbrella

5-square-wood-sunflower-yellowImagine this product in a yellow row around a patio or deck! This UV-resistant Sunbrella product is perfect for maximizing shade in a small or narrow space.

MSRP: from $429.95 As low as $299.95

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9′ Commercial Aluminum Umbrella with Sunbrella

9-commercial-sunbrella-sunflower-yellowFor commercial settings, this product is comprised of our most durable material options: a fade- and UV-resistant canvas with a weather-resistant aluminum frame.

MSRP: from $399.95 As low as $299.95

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While shopping for an outdoor umbrella, you’ll have many factors to consider, including the shape, size, material, and durability of the product. You’ll also want to find the right color that will really bring a smile to your face when you see it in your yard or patio. Yellow is the color that reminds most people of the sun, summer, and energy. It’s an optimistic hue that tends to make people smile. Take into consideration the psychological impacts of color; remember that yellow is generally thought of as a happy hue. This is why some of our customers prefer to buy a yellow outdoor umbrella rather than one in a darker color.

In addition, you’ll want to consider what you’re planning to use the umbrella for. Many of our customers use our umbrellas in a residential setting, but some customers use our umbrellas for commercial purposes. Around a home, a yellow patio umbrella can brighten outdoor family gatherings. One of the most common tips for decorating outdoors is to brighten your space with sunny colors that can remind you of summer. For businesses, a yellow market umbrella looks great over a stand, outside at a restaurant, or in a marketplace. With MJJ Sales, you can also customize your yellow market umbrella with your logo, associating the positive color with your company image.

Taking into account all of these factors, you should also try to find the most high-quality option for the most affordable price. Luckily, we offer amazing deals on the best possible products. We are the umbrella experts, and we can help you save with our wholesale pricing. We can also have your product delivered very quickly; some of our options even feature free shipping within the continental U.S. Purchase the perfect sunny patio umbrella for your space today!

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