What Size Market Umbrella Do I Need?

Whether you are furnishing a home or commercial outdoor seating area, one of your first thoughts might be, “What size market umbrella do I need?” Market umbrella sizes and patio umbrella sizes vary significantly, and the correct size depends on several factors, such as the size of the table and the area under the umbrella that needs shade. MJJSales offers an extensive selection of market and patio umbrellas in various sizes, colors, and fabrics that will fit virtually any outdoor area. Custom-printed umbrellas are also available.

When customers ask us, “What size market umbrella do I need,” we like to start at the beginning to make sure that the umbrella we sell will fit the space and needs precisely. A good rule of thumb for patio umbrella sizes is that the canopy should have a diameter that is about 5 feet larger than the space under it that needs shading. For example, to cover a small table with seating for two to four, purchase a 6-foot umbrella. For a dining table with a diameter of about 48 inches or a conversation area seating six, a 9-foot umbrella will serve beautifully. When you have an area with multiple small tables or a larger seating area, opt for a patio umbrella diameter of 16 feet.

Another consideration when shopping for umbrellas is the patio umbrella pole diameter. While the full diameter of the canopy is important to ensure that it provides the desired shade, it’s also necessary to ensure that the pole will fit through the center hole in an outdoor table. The standard table hole size is 1.75 inches in diameter, but umbrella pole diameters vary, ranging from 1 3/8 inches up to 2 inches. The largest pole diameters are typically for commercial umbrellas, designed to shade larger areas. To accommodate a large patio umbrella pole diameter, consumers have two choices. They can either enlarge the table hole, or they can use the umbrella on its own, without a table. When choosing a freestanding umbrella, don’t forget to think about walk-under height to make sure that people can pass under the umbrella easily.

No matter what you’re looking for, MJJSales is sure to have it among the many umbrellas, canvas replacements, and stands we have in stock. We also carry Sunbrella umbrellas, which use fabric that offers up to 98 percent protection from UV rays. These umbrellas are also resistant to stains, mildew, and fading. It’s easy to match a Sunbrella umbrella to almost any outdoor decor because we carry more than 100 different colors. Ordering online on our secure website is fast and easy. We ship our products to customers either the same day that we receive the order or the next day; the only exception to this shipping policy is for custom Sunbrella orders. We include a warranty with every product, guaranteeing that everything we sell is free of defects. Customers can contact us by phone or email regarding order or product issues. Let MJJSales help you explore the beautiful world of market and patio umbrellas designed to fit any outdoor space today!

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