The Enjoyment of Bird Watching

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Bird watching is an exciting hobby that anyone can participate in. Some people are casual bird watchers who stop to admire a red-tailed hawk soaring overhead. Others are confirmed birders who plan expeditions to far off places on the chance of seeing a particular type of bird. They may even belong to a bird watching society. Societies of bird watchers are ideal for people who want to learn more about birds in general as well as communicate with other bird enthusiasts. In short, learning about the birds of the world is a never-ending pursuit. The following are a few tips on how to make a bird watching experience even more enjoyable.

Bird watching can take place in a number of different environments. For instance, if some watchers want to observe birds that make their home by the water they can travel to a lake, a pond, a river, or even an active stream. Alternatively, if a person wants to observe a variety of birds, then walking on a forest trail or a path in a small woods are two favorable ideas. By reading books about birds, a person can familiarize him or herself with the birds that occupy a particular area of the country. Oftentimes, a person is even more excited about seeing a bird that he or she has read about. People who don’t want to venture outside to bird watch can simply set up a backyard bird feeder. This is an especially appealing idea in the cold wintertime months. There are a lot of helpful tips for feeding birds in the winter. A bird watcher may select different types of seed that will attract particular birds to the feeder. Furthermore, there’s a gathering of feeders designed to attract certain types of birds. For instance, tube-like hanging bird feeders are attractive to some types of finches. A bird watcher who feeds wild birds is learning about these feathered visitors while supplying them with food during the blustery months of winter.

An individual or group of people who plan to go out bird watching may consider taking along some items to make the expedition a pleasant one. In fact, there are several items to take along on a bird watch. The weather for the day has a lot to do with the necessary supplies. If it’s snowing, a person should certainly dress appropriately and bring along a spare pair of gloves in case one pair gets wet. Wet gloves can cause a pair of binoculars to slip out of a person’s hands. Alternatively, on a hot, sunny day a bird watcher may take along sunglasses, suntan lotion, and a suitable hat. A lightweight backpack has the capacity to hold a bird watcher’s camera, snacks, map, journal, and bird guides. If a person likes to bird watch at night, then a flashlight would be a necessary item to take. In addition, if an individual has to walk along the road during a nighttime bird watching trip, then he or she should wear light-colored clothing to alert drivers. A person doesn’t need to tote a lot of supplies along on a bird watching expedition. After all, if a bird watcher has to move quickly to catch sight of a rare bird, it’s better to be traveling light.

A person who tries bird watching and really loves it can enhance the experience with other activities. For example, many bird watchers keep a journal to record the different types of birds they see as well as how often they see them. A bird watcher’s journal doesn’t have to be a fancy, leather bound book. It can be a simple notebook purchased at a grocery store. A bird watcher can refer back to his or her journal to review the year’s observations. In addition, if a person is fond of photography he or she can put a photo of each bird in the journal beside its description. Furthermore, individuals with artistic talents may want to make a few pencil sketches of the birds they have seen. Not surprisingly, some people like to share their bird watching experiences. Some people may want to create a blog for friends and fellow bird watchers to read. In short, a person doesn’t have to leave a bird watching experience behind once he or she leaves the woods.

Finally, bird watching is a hobby that can be pursued all year round in practically any area. An enthusiastic bird watcher is always looking skyward in search of the next thrilling discovery.