The Complete Weather Resource Guide

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The rain, snow, and other precipitation caused by the weather is essential to life on earth, for there is almost no living thing that can survive without water. Winds and breezes also play a key part in our climate, moving cool air and hot air to different parts of the globe, and transporting seeds and even gliding birds to new places. A complex interplay of meteorological factors produces all of the weather patterns we see in this country and around the world, and understanding how the weather works helps to show us how powerful these forces are and what we can do to protect ourselves from them. This list contains many helpful resources that can help anyone better understand the weather.

• Australian Weather and Climate Resources — Australian-centric weather information can be found on this page.

• Boating Weather — Among the many helpful links for boaters on this page are links related to weather and boating.

• Earth Science: Weather — This helpful resource page has a variety of resources on meteorology and how geography impacts the weather.

Effective Teaching Solutions — Teachers will especially love this page when they are teaching their unit on weather.

• Introduction to Meteorology — This page is a great introduction to meteorology, the science of weather.

• Johns Hopkins Weather Information — Johns Hopkins University provides this excellent resource on weather education.

• Lake Munmorah Weather Links — Here is some excellent weather links and activities from the Lake Munmorah Public School.

Learning Links for Coyotes — Kids will enjoy the information on weather accessible on this page under the heading “Science.”

• Los Angeles Weather — A great many links on weather in Los Angeles and in its surrounding areas can be found here.

• Mayan Majix — This page on Mayan history and the weather has some good weather resources.

Ocean Currents and the Weather — Ocean currents have a dramatic impact on the weather, as this page indicates.

• United for Climate — The information on this page looks at the possible link between climate change and weather patterns.

Waterfoot Primary: Weather — The Waterfoot Primary School hosts this page on weather for kids.

Weather Definitions — Learning about weather depends on understanding basic definitions of weather terms. This page provides many of those definitions.

Weather Links — This page has many excellent links to weather information on the web.