Thatched Patio Umbrellas

Grab a slice of paradise by reimagining your outdoor space as a tropical retreat with these gorgeous thatched umbrellas from MJJ Sales! Whether you want your poolside area to be more festive, your bar or restaurant to feel like summer every day, or your backyard to be the perfect place for a luau, you can create the look you’re going for with some ingenuity and an umbrella made from thatch. Umbrellas from MJJ Sales are made of the finest materials, and these unique products are no exception. Contact us today at 888-655-7253 for help with your purchase.

11′ Wood Thatch

thatch-umbrella-specialBring the tropics to your outdoor space with a massive 11-foot thatched umbrella from MJJ Sales. This choice provides a larger amount of shade and is made with a wooden frame.

MSRP: $299.95 Only $219.95

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9ft Aluminum Patio Umbrella Thatched Cover

9ftAluminumUmbrellaThatchedThis tiltable, standard-sized umbrella looks great in restaurants, bars, and backyards! Its aluminum frame has a crank feature for easier opening and closing.

MSRP: $279.95 Only $164.95

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Go on a Vacation While Staying at Home

For our residential customers hoping to create a relaxing space, our thatched umbrellas serve their purpose beautifully. Designing a lush tropical retreat in your backyard can be a lot of fun. Buy one of these umbrellas, and then plant some cool tropical plants. Line the exterior of your area with tiki torches. Host a barbecue, have some tropical drinks, and relax in the cool shade. When you’re done, you’ll have a backyard retreat so relaxing you’ll feel like you just got back from Hawaii when you come in from outdoors!

Create a Chill Vibe Your Customers Will Love

For commercial customers, such as bar owners, restaurateurs, or spa owners, whole outdoor spaces can be totally rejuvenated with the look of thatch. Umbrellas like this are meant to bring a brighter and happier experience to an area. If you want to bring a fun-loving atmosphere to your space, these thatched umbrellas might be the way! Note that we also offer custom umbrellas that can be personalized with your logo for a cool look as well.

Enjoy Your Summer a Little Bit More

Imitating the look of tropical huts, these products are made of a beige covering combined with thatch-like material. Actual thatch is made of turf and reeds, but this product offers a cleaner surface with the same feel. Watch the individual reeds dance in the wind and you’ll see why people love the look of thatch. Umbrellas like this are optimal for both parties and long-term use; however, for a long-lasting umbrella option, consider the Sunbrella umbrellas we have for sale online as well.

Build a tropical getaway out of your market, patio, or poolside space by investing in an affordable and durable thatched umbrella from MJJ Sales. We can have your item delivered within approximately 10 business days. Take a step toward creating your little slice of heaven today!

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