Suncrylic Patio Umbrellas

Looking for an umbrella that will provide shade and sun protection to your guests without you needing to pay a high price for a major brand? Our Suncrylic patio umbrellas are the best option: They offer UV protection, fade resistance, and an affordable price. With the high-quality canvas of a Suncrylic canopy along with a strong, durable frame, the products we at MJJ Sales provide offer a long-lasting solution that will continue to look great in your yard, patio, or outdoor space for years to come.

New 9′ Wood Umbrella with Suncrylic Canvas

yellow-9-wood-sunbrella-smallBuy a classy wooden umbrella frame with an upgraded Suncrylic canvas. This product comes with brass couplings and free shipping within the continental U.S.!

MSRP: $299.95 Only $199.95

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9′ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Built-in Lights and Suncrylic Canvas

main-2Get a product that provides comfort to your guests no matter what time it is with a Suncrylic canvas for better shade during the day and built-in lights for ambiance at night.

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9’ Aluminum Umbrella with Suncrylic Canvas

main-3This is one of our most popular products: a simple, effective umbrella with a high-quality Suncrylic canvas at an incredibly affordable price!

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When we’re helping our many commercial and residential customers buy a market umbrella, Suncrylic is the type of canvas that we often recommend. This is because it offers a one-year fade warranty along with UV protection, whereas many lesser-grade products can’t necessarily promise protection from damaging UV rays or help you to prevent their harmful effects. If you’re adding your new umbrella to an area that has full, direct sunlight, it’s important to protect yourself and your guests from these rays. UV ray exposure can lead to burns and discomfort, but over a long enough time, various skin cancers can result as well. Numerous agencies and institutions insist that outdoor-lovers avoid getting burned with a proper regimen of sunblock and shade.

Provide better shade with a Suncrylic outdoor umbrella. Both Sunbrella and Suncrylic patio umbrellas provide UV protection, but Suncrylic comes with a less expensive price tag due to the fact that Sunbrella is a more recognized and more pricier brand name. By choosing to go with Suncrylic, outdoor umbrella users, whether they be your houseguests or your customers, can be protected without you having to break the budget.

What are some other reasons why someone would choose to go with a Suncrylic canvas while looking to purchase a market umbrella? Suncrylic umbrellas are also more durable than other types. The canvas is thick and sturdy, with a warranty against fading and a promise of quality. So no matter which color your chose out of the various options we have for sale, you can know that one year later, it will still be vibrant and beautiful.

Note that many of our options can be delivered to you quickly; some even offer free shipping within the continental U.S.! To learn more, get your product quickly, or get help with finding the umbrella that’s right for you, feel free to contact us at 888-655-7253 today.

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Slightly Experienced Patio Umbrellas

These Patio Umbrellas are sold at a discounted price and are one of a kind items.

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