Sunbrella Patio Umbrella Replacement Canvases

When you’re getting a new canvas for your umbrella, invest in one that will offer long-lasting sun protection while also being durable enough to last for years. Coming in numerous color and pattern choices for every style and taste, our Sunbrella umbrella replacement canopy options can help you enjoy more hours of fun in the sun. When trying to find the most long-lasting solution for their umbrellas, many of our customers turn to the top brand recognized for its weatherproof fabrics: Sunbrella. Canopy replacement fabrics can be bought and re-bought every year, or you can invest an option that often comes with a five-year warranty. Famous for being durable and protective, a Sunbrella replacement canopy may be the best choice for you. And because MJJ Sales offers some of the most affordable prices online for umbrella parts and fabrics, you’ll know you’ll be getting quality materials for low or even wholesale prices! Choose from one of the sizes below.

Sunbrella Replacement 6.5ft

6-5-sunbrella-replacementThe smallest size of Sunbrella canvas we have in stock, this option is for six-rib umbrellas and comes in several color options.

MSRP: from $169.95 As low as $129.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 7.5ft

7-5-sunbrella-replacementBuy the right canvas for a 7.5-foot umbrella and find it in a new, beautiful color. This option comes with a five-year fade warranty.

MSRP: from $209.95 As low as $164.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 9ft – 8 Rib

9-ft-8-rib-sunbrella-replacementIf you count the number of ribs on your umbrella and find only six, you may need this size of Sunbrella canvas.

MSRP: from $219.95 As low as $179.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 9ft – 6 Rib

9-ft-6-rib-replacement-sunbrellaPurchase a weather-resistant, fade-resistant replacement canopy for the standard size of market umbrella.

MSRP: from $219.95 As low as $179.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 11ft

detail-photo-11-wood-marketThis is the biggest version of Sunbrella replacement canvas we have in stock for our largest umbrellas. Get maximum shade now!

MSRP: from $349.95 As low as $289.95

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To find the right size for your Sunbrella replacement canvas, first, count the number of ribs. Then, you’ll want to take your old canvas off and close your market umbrella. Measure the length of the ribs, and also measure the size of the opening at the top. For guidance on this, feel free to contact us at 888-655-7253. If you bought your umbrella’s frame from us, we may even have that information on file for you.

Whether you plan to buy a Sunbrella umbrella replacement canopy for your home’s patio or you’re a business person looking to update the look of your market or restaurant, you should know that this is one of the most long-lasting choices than can protect and shade your guests safely. This brand’s fabrics can provide up to 98 percent UV protection, doing much more to protect yourself from the sun to prevent diseases such as skin cancer. In addition to its sun resistance, making it last much longer without fading, a Sunbrella replacement canopy also is resistant to mold, weather, mildew, stains, and water. This makes this type of canvas the best product for rigorous outdoor use.

Browse our many options before you pick out your Sunbrella replacement. Umbrella canopy options come in several sizes, shapes, and colors for sale, so take the time to find one that’s perfect for your outdoor space. Remember that you can always contact the experts at MJJ Sales, no matter whether you’re a residential or commercial customer. We want to help our customers save on every purchase and can have your items delivered quickly. Allow us to ship to you a fresh, bright new canvas that will make your entire umbrella look new today!

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