Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor furniture plays a big part in creating a relaxing environment on a backyard patio or deck or in a garden. It gives homeowners and their guests a place to sit and enjoy the environment around them. Often, patio furniture comes with cushions that add to its overall appeal and comfort. Not all furniture comes with cushions, however, in which case they must be purchased separately. The addition of cushions can improve the look of patio furniture and make it more comfortable and inviting. At MJJ Sales, we can help you get the cushions that you need, including custom Sunbrella replacement cushions.

Sunbrella is a type of fabric that is made using acrylic fibers. It is a high-end, attractive fabric that has the feel of cotton and is extremely durable. Sunbrella is used for awnings, sail covers, outdoor umbrellas, and cushions. When you purchase a Sunbrella bench cushion, you’ll also appreciate that it has the look of indoor furniture. We offer Sunbrella Adirondack chair cushions as well as cushions for chaise lounges and other types of outdoor chairs and benches. Because a Sunbrella bench cushion is meant for outdoor use, the fabric is water-repellent, so it won’t absorb excess water from sprinklers or morning dew. Not only does it hold up under rainy weather conditions, but it also dries quickly and doesn’t promote the growth of mildew. Cushions made of Sunbrella fabric are also resistant to fading.

Sunbrella cushions are ideal for businesses or homeowners seeking to switch up the look of their furniture. When you decide to purchase Sunbrella Adirondack chair cushions, you have hundreds of colors to choose from as well as an impressive selection of patterns and designs. The colors are locked into the fabric because they are dyed in during the manufacturing process, not printed on later. This helps ensure the long life and beauty of the fabric. Another way to ensure that your Sunbrella replacement cushions stay in good condition is to care for and clean the fabric properly. Keep your commercial or home cushions clean by dusting off excess dirt and spot-cleaning with a damp rag. After rain, set the cushions upright so that any gathered water can drain off. When caring for your cushions, avoid throwing them in the clothes dryer, as it can cause them to shrink; just let them air-dry.

When choosing cushions, consider ones that complement the overall tone or theme of your patio or yard. Because we offer umbrellas made with Sunbrella canvas, you may consider matching your cushions to the canopy of your umbrella. We are here to help when you are ready to buy one or more of our Sunbrella outdoor furniture cushions. Contact us and we will custom-make your cushions for you. We can be reached by phone on weekdays, or you can contact us by filling out our contact form or emailing us. In addition to setting up your custom order, our representatives will also answer any questions that you may have about Sunbrella cushions or our other furniture accessories and products. Place your order today!

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