Red Patio Umbrellas

Get a durable, affordable outdoor umbrella in the most eye-catching color: red. Outdoor umbrella options from MJJ Sales are of a high quality and available for incredibly low, even wholesale prices. Buy one of our many red patio umbrellas if you want to grab the attention of your guests and neighbors and direct it toward your elegant and well-designed outdoor space!

Any one of these products comes in its own stylish shade of red. Patio umbrellas from us vary in size, shape, and materials, so feel free to connect with us should you have any questions about our options. We’re confident that in our vast online catalog, we can find the red market umbrella that’s perfect for you.

New 9′ Wood Umbrella with Suncrylic Canvas

woodsunbrella-cardinal-redSimple, beautiful, and sleek, this standard-sized umbrella includes a high-quality, fade-resistant canvas that comes in an elegant red color.

MSRP: $299.95 Only $199.95

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7.5′ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Tilt and Crank

7-5-alum-tilt-crank-redEasy movement and functionality are the perks of choosing this elegant option. It’s a smaller size that fits well on many different patios.

MSRP: $119.95 Only $79.95 More Info »

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9’ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Tilt

9-ft-alum-tilt-redThis is a perfect size for an umbrella and comes in several colors, with a crank handle, fiberglass ribs, and free shipping within the continental U.S.

As low as $84.95 More Info »

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11 Aluminum Umbrella with Crank

11-foot-crank-redIf you’re looking for the largest red umbrella that we have online, this is the one! For those with larger tables and shade needs, this 11-foot umbrella gets the job done.

MSRP: $239.95 Only $129.95 More Info »

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9’ Aluminum Umbrella with Suncrylic Canvas

9-suncrylic-redDon’t let that jaw-dropping red color fade! Get a Suncrylic canvas, which is a great mid-level canvas that is more fade-resistant than other options.

MSRP: $259.95 Only $149.95 More Info »

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9ft Aluminum Market Umbrella with Sunbrella Canvas

9-market-suncrylic-redIn hot and sunny areas, it’s important to protect one’s skin and eyes from UV radiation. The effective Sunbrella canvas can help, and it comes in several shades of red.

MSRP: from $429.95 As low as $289.95

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5′ Square Wood Market Umbrella with Sunbrella

5-square-wood-jockey-redGet a unique umbrella that can be moved and slid into tight spaces. The square top of this versatile option is also UV-resistant.

MSRP: from $429.95 As low as $299.95

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9′ Commercial Aluminum Umbrella with Sunbrella

burgundywhitealuWe work with many different business customers and can help make your guests’ or customers’ visit a cooler one!

MSRP: from $399.95 As low as $299.95

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The Most Dramatic Color for a Patio Umbrella: Red

When it comes to many different types of design, red is the most attention-grabbing color. It’s used in fashion, interior decorating, art, and logo design to suddenly call attention to a specific item, brand, or area. The color is a subconscious warning signal and has been linked with attractiveness. One can make a dramatic and bold design statement by decorating with red. Choosing a red outdoor umbrella is a way to brighten your space with bold, intense colors that make a statement. In a residential setting like on an outdoor patio, near a pool, or on a deck, a red umbrella can look great with matching accents or furniture or with an entirely white, black, or neutral pallet.

In a business setting, however, this hue is one of the best options for a patio umbrella. Red market umbrella products from MJJ Sales are very durable, with several options that would look great in many different commercial settings, such as by a beach at a resort, on the patio of a fine-dining restaurant, or at any stylish outdoor venue. Because the color red draws the eye, you can make sure your outdoor space is alluring and interesting to potential customers. Also, because we offer the ability to make custom umbrellas and print a logo on them, a business owner can attract customers to their brand as well.

Choose MJJ Sales

Browse the items we have for sale and save when you shop with MJJ Sales. We offer quality products, better prices, and fast delivery. Contact us with any questions you have; we’d be happy to help you find the best red umbrella that will fit in your outdoor space.

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