Polyester Replacement Umbrella Canvases

Purchase an affordable, durable polyester umbrella replacement canopy from the top site for all of your umbrella needs: MJJ Sales! If you’re looking to freshen up the look of your entire outdoor area, whether that’s a deck, backyard, patio, market, commercial space, or outdoor retreat, pick the most affordable solution that will provide shade for years to come. Before buying a polyester umbrella replacement canopy with us, be sure to accurately measure your patio umbrella’s frame. You can do this by first removing the old canvas, then putting the umbrella in the closed position, measuring it, and counting the number of ribs. Then, you’ll be able to find a replacement that’s of the right size. For more tips and help with this process, feel free to call us at 888-655-7253. If we don’t have the right size here, please feel free to browse the other replacement canvas options we have for sale online.

5ft Square Polyester Replacement Canvas

square-replacementGet a unique canvas for your unique, small, square umbrella. This product is for umbrellas with four 43-inch ribs.

Only $29.95

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6.5ft – 6 Rib Polyester Replacement Canvas

blackFor smaller umbrellas with six ribs, this umbrella replacement canopy comes in several color options. The price includes free shipping within the continental U.S.

MSRP: $49.95 Only $39.95

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7.5ft Poly Replacement Canvas

beigeBuy a better replacement canopy for your medium-sized umbrella. This is one of the most affordable canvases for an umbrella of this size.

MSRP: $69.95 Only $49.95

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9ft Poly Replacement Canvas

forest-greenThis is one of the most standard sizes for an umbrella: nine feet with eight ribs. Be sure to accurately measure your umbrella to find a canopy of the right size.

MSRP:$79.95 Only $49.95

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11ft – 8 Rib Poly Replacement Canvas – 66″ ribs

naturalThe largest type of polyester umbrella replacement canopy we sell, this large canvas looks great and can revitalize your space.

MSRP: $119.95 From $59.95

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Polyester, on a chemical level, is a polymer, or a chain of repeating molecules. This chain is controlled to make a strong material. This is a man-made solution that has been created to be more durable than other options. Out of the many different types of fabrics out there, polyesters are often the most successful at preventing the various effects of nature. Our polyester patio umbrella replacement canopies are created to be a weatherproof, long-lasting solution for our customers. It’s also an affordable material, meaning that when our residential and commercial customers choose this type of fabric, they can save a great deal!

Choose one of these products if you’re looking for a simple, affordable solution. If your umbrella’s canvas has gotten moldy, torn, or otherwise damaged, it’s time to make the investment in a new canopy. Polyester umbrella canvas comes in several color and size options. Be sure to find the right size and then the color that would look best in your space. Don’t forget that you can always use us at MJJ Sales as a resource when deciding on which item to buy. Our amazing, wholesale prices, reliable and fast delivery, and trusted customer service are some of the reasons why so many customers choose to do business with us. See what a difference working with experts can make by contacting us now!

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