Polyester Patio Umbrellas

The most affordable of our patio umbrellas, polyester options offer durability and weather-resistance without the high price. You don’t necessarily have to break your budget to find the perfect item that will look great in your outdoor space. We have a vast array of options available, including different polyester umbrellas of various colors and sizes. These products are some of our customers’ favorites because they’re so useful, long-lasting, and fairly priced! Take the time to find the right one for your space, and feel free to contact the experts at MJJ Sales for free advice and help with your purchase.

9′ Light Wood Market Umbrella

light-wood-featuredThis light wood frame has a teak-like finish and is available in five different color options for your polyester canvas.

MSRP: $139.95 Only $74.95

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5′ Square Wood Market Umbrella with Beige Poly Canvas

5-square-hemlockCommercial customers love the small, unique, square umbrella option. This product is great for small bistro tables and stands.

MSRP: $199.95 Only $139.95

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11ft Wood Market Umbrella with Polyester Canvas

11-dark-wood-mainThis massive wooden frame is coupled with a dense polyester canvas for better sun protection. For bright, poolside areas, the 11-foot umbrella is best.

MSRP:$329.95 Only $129.95

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7.5′ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Tilt and Crank

mainGet a durable canvas with a durable aluminum frame. The everyday use of this umbrella is made easier by its tilt and crank functions.

MSRP: $119.95 Only $79.95 More Info »

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9’ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Tilt

main-1Do you want a long-lasting solution for your outdoor space? Get our standard-sized umbrella with an affordable canvas and a durable aluminum frame.

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11 Aluminum Umbrella with Crank

main-4This is one of the most popular umbrellas we have available, sporting a vast canvas along with an easy-to-use hand-crank feature.

MSRP: $239.95 Only $129.95 More Info »

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Often made with thick, seven-ounce fabric, the polyester patio umbrellas offered by MJJ Sales vary in several ways. In order to choose the right one, consider the following factors: First, consider the type of frame. Wooden umbrellas have a refined look, whereas aluminum frames are often more weatherproof. Next, consider the size of your space. If you have a huge backyard or deck, you can get a bigger nine-foot or even 11-foot choice. On the other hand, if you’re trying to maximize a small residential or commercial space, choose a small or even a square option. This can create a more enclosed outdoor space while also creating more shade. Lastly, consider the color. Polyester comes in numerous colors: everything from bright blue to beige. Pick out the right shade that will match your furniture or brand, or simply find the color that will make you smile!

Why choose a polyester patio umbrella? Because it’s one of the most durable fabrics out there. There are many different uses for polyester, but as weatherproof canvas, it works very well. Pick one of the numerous options we have for sale online, and know that the product that will be delivered to your door will be a lasting solution for your space.

When you choose MJJ Sales, you can save a great deal on a polyester patio umbrella. That’s because we offer wholesale prices and sometimes even free shipping! Check the product of your choice to see if you can get it delivered for free. In addition to our wholesale prices, we’re also famous for our reliable customer service; contact us at 888-655-7253 with any questions you may have today.

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