BBQ, Fire Pit, Heater Covers

How do you protect your outdoor furniture from inclement weather? If you’re cramped for storage space in your shed or garage, you can always use our High Quality Vinyl Protective covers to prolong the life of your outdoor décor. By keeping the rain, snow and sun away when not in use, you will keep your Grill or Patio Heater or Fire Pit looking newer longer. Our protective covers are made 7 mil thick with compressed fleece that is laminated to the vinyl.

Barbeque Grill Covers

Black Grill CoverNow is a great time to protect your BBQ grill from the outdoor elements. We carry 3 different sizes of protective covers for BBQ grills to cover most of the common sizes sold. Begin now extending the life of your investment in outdoor grilling by purchasing one of our protective covers.

MSRP: from $79.95 As low as $37.95

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Patio Heater Covers

patio-heater-coverHow do you protect your Patio Heater during inclement weather or the offseason? It only makes good common sense to protect your Patio Heating investment. Our protective covers can make your Patio Heater last more seasons. Buy one now, so you’re ready when inclement weather arrives.

MSRP: $79.95 Only $38.95

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Chimenea Covers

chimeneasOur Heavy Duty vinyl covers are available in 2 sizes to protect your Patio backyard Chimenea.

MSRP: from $59.95 As low as $32.95

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Fire Pit Covers

fire-pitIt’s easy now to protect your Fire Pit with our Heavy Duty vinyl cover. Our protective cover fits fire pits up to 48” in diameter. Stop leaving your Fire Pit unprotected and buy a new Fire Pit cover today. Covers can extend the life of your Fire Pit.

MSRP: $69.95 Only $39.95

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Popular Umbrellas !

Slightly Experienced Patio Umbrellas

These Patio Umbrellas are sold at a discounted price and are one of a kind items.

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