Patio Umbrellas for Small Spaces

A spacious location isn’t always guaranteed when it comes to decorating outdoor areas such as a patio or balcony. While some areas are roomy and thereby easily furnished, others are smaller and more cozier. In some cases, a small outdoor space may consist of an awkward or tight corner at a restaurant or cafe, for instance. Regardless of what type of dilemma you’re faced with, you’ll want to choose a small patio umbrella that fits your space in size, style, and comfort. At MJJ Sales, we offer a selection of patio umbrellas in sizes that are a perfect fit for most compact spaces. We carry a vast array of umbrellas for both residential and commercial use in many sizes, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for your space, no matter what size it may be.

It’s important to know the size of an area you are planning to purchase a patio umbrella for. Small-space umbrellas are available from four to seven feet in diameter. Taking an accurate measurement of your space will help give you a better idea of which of these sizes is best suited for your space and will help you to avoid buying an umbrella that is too large. Ideally, an umbrella should not only fit into a given space, but it should be able to open and close without coming into contact with surrounding walls or other objects. When measuring a space, take the width and the length measurements. Once the measurements are taken, make an allowance of six to 12 inches on all sides for the free movement of the umbrella. For instance, a space that measures seven feet square should fit up to a six-foot umbrella.

On a small patio or balcony, an umbrella is often used to provide sun coverage for a table or a set of lounge chairs. In areas with limited space, a cafe or bistro table is a smart choice. They are small in size so they won’t take up much room, and they typically seat two people, although some seat up to four. When you need a patio umbrella for small, space-saving tables, you want to be certain that it casts enough shade to provide sun protection for the people who are sitting beneath it. Although your space is small, you don’t want an umbrella that is too small to effectively do what it is designed to do. We suggest that when buying an umbrella for this purpose, you should select one that is at least twice the size of the table.

Selecting the right style is also important when buying a small patio umbrella. These umbrellas can be freestanding or supported by a table and may have a round or square canopy. Umbrellas that are supported by tables actually go through them and are fitted into a base. Freestanding umbrellas are supported by a weighted base and do not require the support of a table. Tilting umbrellas are also available in either freestanding or table-supported styles. Tilting umbrellas are meant to be adjusted so they provide extra protection on balconies or patios with minimal tree or other shade coverage. When selecting a canopy shape, keep in mind that round and square differ in size. A square umbrella is larger than a round one due to its protruding corners. This is particularly important when sizing an umbrella with a table in mind.

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