Patio and Market Umbrella with Lights

Designing and furnishing outdoor spaces is a popular pursuit. Whether customers need commercial-grade umbrellas for a business or a product designed for backyard use at home, MJJSales has an extensive selection of umbrellas in a variety of colors, materials, sizes, and shapes. Umbrellas are an effective way to provide shade for outdoor areas. When umbrella materials block UV rays, they can be helpful for preventing dangerous sun exposure and burns. But umbrellas can be a classy addition to an outdoor space in the evening, too, especially when they feature illumination. Choosing a patio umbrella with lights is an ideal way to add beauty and ambiance to an outdoor seating area. With many innovations in lighting, customers have a variety of choices when looking for patio umbrella lights.

Customers can enjoy a number of benefits when they choose a patio umbrella with lights. An umbrella with built-in lights ensures that an outdoor seating area has just the right amount of light on dark nights, which enhances safety and security. This eliminates the need for extra and separate lighting fixtures, which can often be ineffective due to placement around a seating area. Having overhead lighting ensures that everyone can see easily. Patio umbrellas with lights are the best of both worlds, providing important UV protection during the day and lighting at night.

Of course, for a different look, you could also decorate a Sunbrella with LED lights, either hung around the edges of the canvas or from the ribs underneath. Sunbrella umbrellas are the product of choice for many people, thanks to the exceptional UV protection of this high-end fabric. The fabric is also water- and fade-resistant, and it resists stains and mildew. Patio umbrellas with Sunbrella canvas perform exceptionally well for many years, lasting longer and staying beautiful on a deck or patio. We carry more than 100 different Sunbrella colors to ensure a perfectly coordinated outdoor area. Matching cushions are also available.

Using patio umbrella string lights can offer a twinkling glow, adding charm and character to an outdoor area. From a distance, a patio with either string lights or an illuminated umbrella will exude a fun appearance. For casual gatherings in the backyard, you could even hang lights in festive shapes like pumpkins or chili peppers for a fun touch. In a commercial setting, a larger market umbrella with lights built in adds a touch of class and beauty to an outdoor seating area. Keep in mind, of course, that either way, illuminated umbrellas must plug into an outdoor power outlet, so you’ll need to position your umbrella accordingly.

MJJSales offers a wide array of umbrellas online, including ones with built-in patio umbrella lights, as well as many other outdoor products such as cushions, umbrella stands, and patio heaters. Our staff works diligently to ship products quickly: Most orders ship on the same day or the next day, with the exception of custom orders and Sunbrella products. And every product we sell is guaranteed to be free of defects. In fact, we will replace or refund an item within the first 30 days of purchase to ensure that customers are completely happy with their products. Call to speak with a representative, or buy with confidence online today!

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