Outdoor Storage Bench with Cushion

Bench with Cushions

Outdoor spaces can easily be transformed into areas of relaxation and enjoyment. Even patios or yards with a little excess clutter can be made neat, orderly, and attractive with the help of a storage bench with a cushion. This type of bench not only conceals clutter, but it provides extra seating for guests or a place to relax and appreciate the beauty of an attractive yard. The best storage bench is one that suits the overall feel of the yard in terms of the bench itself and the cushion that is on it. Before buying one or more of these benches, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Choosing the Type of Bench

The style or type of storage bench you need depends on your personal taste and the look of the yard. An affordable storage bench with a cushion may be made of wood, metal, resin, or even a sturdy plastic. When deciding which type to buy, pick a storage bench that will be able to withstand the elements, such as those we carry at MJJ Sales. The same is true when it comes to the cushion for the bench. It should be one that won’t easily fade in the sun and that is waterproof, although cushions should ideally be stored away during the wet winter months.

Uses for Storage Benches

An inexpensive storage bench with a cushion can be a good purchase for several reasons. While the cushion makes it a convenient place for sitting, the storage space gives it an extra dose of practicality. For families with children, storage benches may be used to stow children’s toys when they are not in use, thereby reducing any risk of accidentally tripping over toys that are not being played with. A storage bench may also be used to store hoses, outdoor sports equipment, or supplies such as gardening tools.

Choosing the Right Cushions

When choosing a storage bench, the cushion will also make a difference. Outdoor cushions are often vivid and will bring color and character to a patio or yard. Depending on your personal preference, they may be solid or come in patterns such as stripes or dots. Cleaning is important to keep them looking their best. This may be as simple as brushing them off with a soft brush or wiping them down with a damp cloth. Use a cover to protect your cushioned bench can be a wise move, as it will minimize the amount of care your investment will need. At MJJ Sales, we sell a variety of cushions, covers, and other patio furnishings, from tables to umbrellas, all at low, wholesale prices. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

Photo courtesy of mikecogh