Outdoor Patio Storage Benches

Seating Bench

When most people think of outdoor storage benches, they picture a practical item that holds garden hoses, flower pots, pool toys, and other items used in a yard. This description is accurate, but storage benches can also be an appealing part of a patio’s décor. For instance, a white outdoor storage bench can emphasize the elegance of a set of white patio furniture. The best outdoor storage benches add to the inviting feel of a patio.

When looking to buy an outdoor cushion storage bench, shoppers should consider the size of their patio. For example, there are long storage benches that can seat three people, but that type of patio storage bench may not be appropriate for a smaller patio. A more petite bench that accommodates one person may be more suitable for a smaller space. This is especially true if you also want to fit other items, like chairs or a table, into your patio space.

Another tip for people interested in storage benches is to consider the amount of storage space they need. For example, if a homeowner needs a place for several gardening tools as well as a long garden hose, then an outdoor cushion storage bench with several feet of space would be a wise choice. Alternatively, if a person only needs to house six or seven small pool toys, then an affordable patio storage bench that can fit in one corner would be an appropriate selection. While a storage bench is partly decorative, a piece must certainly have enough space to hold all of the items in need of storage.

On some patios, storage benches must withstand the rain as well as humidity, so make sure to buy a piece that is meant to be used outdoors and can tolerate moisture. A well-made outdoor cushion storage bench like the ones we carry will be designed to endure any harsh weather conditions. Of course, it never hurts to give your bench a little added protection. That’s why we also sell covers to keep moisture, UV rays, and animals off all of your patio furniture, from umbrellas to gliders.

Photo courtesy of Clarkston SCAMP