Outdoor Cushion Storage

Cushion Storage Bench

Patio cushion storage is meant to be a decorative and functional way of protecting your investment in outdoor comfort. Cushions cover chaise lounges, chairs, benches, stools, and other seating areas in padding for a comfortable sitting experience. At inexpensive prices and offered in a range of fabric choices and colors, decorative cushions from MJJ Sales help to unify the look of an outdoor space. But since they are so inexpensive and easy to swap in and out on a whim, outdoor cushions, pads, and pillows can quickly pile up. That’s why you need outdoor cushion storage: Our cushion storage products are an affordable and uncluttered means of stowing and protecting these items.

Cushions are an easy, affordable way to change the look of garden furniture without making a large purchase. As cushion styles compliment teak, wrought iron, aluminum, resin, bamboo, and other types of patio furniture, it is rather common to change out cushions regularly to switch up the look of an outside living area. With options including pastel colors, holiday motifs, and bright summery styles, it is not unusual for some people to change their cushions every season. To keep cushions that aren’t being used from taking up valuable space or being damaged, place them in patio cushion storage boxes, benches, bins, or bags. For your patio cushion storage needs, MJJ Sales has the answer!

Of the outdoor cushion storage options, bags are usually the least expensive. Bags are typically designed from synthetic materials to be weather-resistant so they can offer protection against sunlight, dust, and water damage. Bags, however, are not usually meant for outside storage. Instead, cushions can be placed in the bag zipped up and stored indoors or in garages. For holding small padding and accent pillows, cushion storage bins can be used. These stylish bins may feature decorative touches for adding a polished look to an outside living environment.

For outdoor patio cushion storage, either boxes or benches are an excellent idea. Boxes are meant just for holding cushions, while benches serve two functions: storage and seating. Both options can be found in wood, plastic, and other materials. Box and bench cushion storage can be weather-resistant and inventive outdoor accents that will keep cushions from getting moldy, fading in color, or becoming dirty.

Outdoor cushions come in a range of sizes and widths, from sleek, tailored seat pads to plush cushions meant for long hours of sedentary enjoyment. When looking to buy cushion storage, check to ensure that the width and length of the storage solution can comfortably hold your cushions. For handling oversized cushions, the best option may be deck boxes of more than 100 gallons, since they offer a roomy fit. For smaller decks and porch areas, choose several 50-gallon outdoor cushion storage benches and group the benches around a patio umbrella for a purposeful stowing and seating arrangement. No matter which option you choose, MJJ Sales is here to help you find what you need for your patio at a low price. Contact us today and let us assist you!

Photo courtesy of Sandra Marek