Navy Replacement Umbrella Canvases

If you’re looking to replace an old, faded, or moldy canvas for your umbrella, it’s probably time to buy a durable and high-quality navy blue patio umbrella replacement canopy made from strong, long-lasting materials. We at MJJ Sales carry some of the top names in weather-proof fabrics, including Suncrylic, Sunbrella, and more. What’s more, we also carry many of these top fabrics in the refined, conservative, and elegant color you’re looking for: navy blue! Market umbrella canopy options also range in size and shape; be sure to measure your frame appropriately to find the correct size for your new canvas.

9ft Poly Replacement Canvas

forest-greenMade of thick polyester canvas, this replacement canopy is one of our most affordable options. It also comes in a nice navy blue.

MSRP:$79.95 Only $49.95

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9′ Galtech Premium Patio Umbrella Replacement Canvas

galtech-replacement-taupe-beigeHere you will find an assortment of colors with limited availability on these Galtech Replacement Canvas options.

MSRP: $149.95 Only $69.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 6.5ft

6-5-sunbrella-replacementThe Sunbrella brand is highly recognized for its UV resistance, and this canopy is made from their quality fabrics. This is the smallest option in navy.

MSRP: from $169.95 As low as $129.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 7.5ft

7-5-sunbrella-replacementAfter measuring your frame, consider buying the highest quality canopy we have in this size. There are several shades and patterns in dark blue or navy to choose from.

MSRP: from $209.95 As low as $164.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 9ft – 8 Rib

9-ft-8-rib-sunbrella-replacementThe “standard” size for an umbrella canvas, this product offers a long-lasting solution and comes in navy.

MSRP: from $219.95 As low as $179.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 9ft – 6 Rib

9-ft-6-rib-replacement-sunbrellaMany people forget to count the number of ribs (or beams) they have on their umbrella frame. For six-rib frames, choose this option.

MSRP: from $219.95 As low as $179.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 11ft

detail-photo-11-wood-marketThis high-quality Sunbrella canvas is the largest canopy we have in our online store that comes in navy.

MSRP: from $349.95 As low as $289.95

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Here are some helpful tips for finding the right size: Take the canvas off of the umbrella, and then place it in the closed position. Measure the umbrella’s beams (or ribs), and count them as well. Take into account the hole at the top of the umbrella, too. Note that if you’ve bought a navy blue patio umbrella from us in the past, we can easily find the right replacement canvas for you. If you haven’t bought from us before, don’t worry: We have a vast directory of different navy patio umbrella replacement canopy options to choose from. Buy from us now and you’ll see why so many of our residential and commercial customers have come to trust our great customer service, amazing prices, and fast delivery.

Whether your umbrella has been weathered, you’re looking to upgrade your canvas to a better, UV-protective fabric, or you simply want to redecorate and create a new look for your outdoor space, we can help you find the navy patio umbrella replacement canopy that’s right for you. We have many different sizes and brand options as well as different varieties of navy blue.

Market umbrella replacement canvases should be made of a tough, thick material that won’t be constantly impacted by stains. Navy is a good color to choose for that reason, because it’s dark while being not as heat-absorbing as black. Also, it’s a beautiful color to mix and match with, both inside the home and out. Because deep, dark blues have been considered an expensive color to produce throughout history, the color is now associated with conservativeness and wealth.

Purchase a navy umbrella replacement canvas with us, and you’ll quickly see how much you can save with our incredible, wholesale prices. We can have your item delivered quickly. When you buy a canvas, also consider further protecting it by buying an umbrella cover as well. With us, you can find the best and most affordable navy umbrella canvas online. Browse or contact us today!

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