Marble Patio Tables for Outdoor Use

Marble Outdoor Table

When designed with the proper materials, a patio can be an outside oasis, a comforting spot that offers tranquility and charm and beautifies a home and its exterior. Modern outdoor furniture has become just as versatile as indoor furniture, and a marble patio table is a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal of an outside seating area. As marble is a natural stone, it effortlessly blends in with other outdoor furniture and looks natural on a porch or in a garden. Marble features a slick, glossy surface that is much admired and highly sought after for its beauty. The hardness of marble also makes it a terrific deal for those seeking a durable and serviceable outdoor table.

Outdoor marble tables usually only feature a marble top: The actual base of the table is made from some other material. Popular materials for making marble tables include wood, aluminum, or wrought iron. Choosing the best material to buy will often depend on the look desired and where the outside space is being created. For instance, a marble patio table combined with a wooden base will work well when creating a garden or poolside seating area. For a contemporary porch or patio, however, metal or wrought iron with marble tabletops can create an artistic attraction.

Through regular maintenance, a marble patio table will continue to maintain its pristine look. Marble is an absorbent surface, so to prevent rings, stains, and scratches from forming, keep drinks and food from coming into contact with the marble by using coasters, placemats, and stands for hot dishes. If spills do occur, they should be blotted up immediately. For general cleaning of stains and soils, dampen a cloth or sponge with warm water, wipe the marble, and then immediately dry it. A commercial marble cleaner can also be used for gentle cleaning and to restore the shine to outdoor marble tables.

Marble patio tables may not be the most inexpensive outdoor tables, but they do come in affordable options thanks to MJJ Sales. Most marble tables are not one solid color but feature slight swirls or veins of other colors, which add to the elegance and sophistication of these tables. A popular and usually more expensive look for outdoor marble tables is patterned designs. Patterned tables are made up of tiles of different colors and come in intricate and elaborate designs. Outdoor marble tabletops on sale can be found in round and square-shaped designs. Call MJJ Sales today to explore your options!

Photo courtesy of John Althouse Cohen