Lighted Patio Umbrellas

What’s the secret to having a beautiful backyard that’s enjoyable on those crisp summer evenings? It’s making sure that you have the right ambiance, which often comes after investing in the right lighting. Patio umbrellas with lights from MJJ Sales work around the clock; they provide UV-resistant shade during hot summer days and elegant lighting at night. Our customers love our lighted patio umbrellas because they’re long-lasting and beautiful and offer round-the-clock comfort to their outdoor spaces. Choose this product if you’re looking to bring a bit of elegance and pizzazz to your patio!

9′ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Built-in Lights and Suncrylic Canvas

main-2This beautiful umbrella can provide both shade and lighting with built-in amber lights. It comes in several color options as well!

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Gorgeous Lighted Patio Umbrellas for Restaurants and Bars

In a commercial setting, having several outdoor umbrellas with lights around a pool, bar, or restaurant can really set the right mood. Imagine what your bottom line might look like after maximizing the usefulness of your outdoor space well into the evening. You can continue to use the patio umbrellas with lights along with candles and patio heaters to make your outdoor space more usable in cooler weather and late evenings. Out of all of the various outdoor lighting ideas out there, an outdoor umbrella with lights is one of the most useful and affordable solutions for this common issue.

An Illuminating Experience for Your Backyard

On the other hand, you might be shopping for a lighted outdoor umbrella for your backyard, patio, or deck. It’s one of the best options in a residential setting. Use it in your overall landscape illumination design, or simply add it to your space for a wholly different feel. Put it over a bistro table so that you can enjoy a late dinner or dessert under the lights and stars. Place it on your deck so you can continue to enjoy the view well through dusk. Allow your umbrella to help you enjoy your evenings a little bit more!

When you’re shopping online for a patio umbrella with lights, choose MJJ Sales and save. We offer fair, wholesale prices, fast service, and durable, quality materials. We can also have your umbrella delivered very quickly. If you have any questions about your purchase, feel free to contact us at 888-655-7253 today!

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