Large and Extra Large Patio Umbrellas

Some outdoor spaces demand extra-large umbrellas to provide comfort and shade for people sitting at tables or other seating areas. Whether you are designing a commercial space at a restaurant or other business or you are furnishing a backyard deck or patio, MJJ Sales has a full selection of market and patio umbrellas. If you’re in the market for a distinctive market umbrella, extra-large models can be a functional and fashionable choice. No matter the size of the space you need to cover with a colorful patio umbrella, extra-large options are available from MJJ Sales.

Choosing the right size of umbrella is an important process. Installing an umbrella that is too small for a space will not enable full coverage, which could result in inadequate shade. Too little shade will decrease comfort levels in a seating area, and harmful UV rays could also lead to painful and dangerous sunburns. A restaurant with outdoor tables will need to choose a distinctively styled market umbrella. Large canopies will ensure customer comfort while they eat. For very large coverage over a conversation area, order a striking umbrella in a color scheme to match that of your business. We can even customize your purchase by imprinting your logo on a market umbrella. Extra-large umbrellas from MJJ Sales are the perfect solution for adding style and shade to your space!

For a large backyard, choose a generously sized patio umbrella. Large sizes are available to ensure adequate coverage over a table that seats six or more. Our customers have many different styles and materials from which to choose. When selecting a patio umbrella, extra-large options could be the ideal solution for a comfortable seating area with couches and chairs. This type of umbrella provides plenty of protection from the sun’s harsh rays as well as inclement weather.

To ensure that you select the correct umbrella size, analyze the outdoor space carefully. The size of the space, the position of the sun, the time of the day you use the space, and any other obstructions present in the area will determine the size of umbrella needed. Measure the dimensions of the space and watch the sun exposure throughout the day to help choose a suitable patio umbrella. Large umbrellas are available in various shapes, including rectangular, square, circular, and octagonal. Umbrellas might also tilt, enabling you to position them for better shade throughout the day as the sun moves.

MJJ Sales is committed to helping customers select an ideal umbrella for every need. We also have a variety of materials available for your market umbrella. Large umbrella canopies in polyester, Suncrylic, and Sunbrella fabric are popular choices. Many people choose the high-end Sunbrella canvas due to its exceptional quality and warranty. The frame of your patio umbrella is another important consideration, with wood and aluminum being two of the most popular options.

Regardless of the size, fabric, or frame material you choose, MJJ Sales stands behind every umbrella we sell. We offer fast shipping and a reasonable return policy to ensure that every customer is happy with the umbrella received. Most orders ship within a day of receipt, with the exception of custom orders such as Sunbrella umbrellas. Contact us today with questions about our umbrellas or to order one for your outdoor space!

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