Patio Ideas for Your Home and Garden

Water Fountains and Ponds

Trees and Shade Plants

Fragrant Plants

Outdoor Umbrellas and Pergolas

Creating Borders with Flowers

  • Flower Garden Design Basics – This link includes some simple bits of advice regarding garden design. A great way to start is to sketch your ideas in wide shapes.
  • 10 Steps to Great Flower Borders – These tips are essential for creating your flower borders. Try to create color contrasts while developing year-round plant combinations.
  • Flower Bed: Planning the Flower Border – Advice in this article is also very essential. Use sweeping curved lines for your flower border, and keep in mind periods of blooming.
  • Landscaping with Flowers – This guide includes definitions of common terms like perennials and biennials.

Patio Carpets

  • Sierpinski’s “Carpet” – Patio design often involves tiles, and tiles can sometimes create a luscious, carpet-like feel for the outdoors as well.

Patio Lighting

  • Designing and Installing Outdoor Lighting – What’s the point of all of this work if you can’t enjoy it at night? There are many different sizes, kinds and shapes of light that can be cast with multiple types of light sources. Use up-lights, path lights and backlights to dramatize your space.
  • Landscape Lighting – This short article features some light design tips. For instance, play with shadows in your garden as much as light.
  • Mason Jar Candles – The warm glow of candles from nearby trees can create a soft, charming, magical environment for your garden, and these mason jar candle holders are so very easy to make.
  • Candle Safety Tips – Many, many people use candles and heaters outside. Candles create a homey feeling in your outdoor “room”, but please remember your fire safety!

Potting Plants and Vases

  • Flower Pots and Stands – Pots and stands can be interesting and exciting. Use a combination of hanging plants, pots on vintage stands, and window boxes to create a classic look.
  • Choosing a Container for Planting – When finding a great container for your plants – drainage is king!
  • 100 Container Gardening Ideas – There are a hundred ideas for your potted plants in this list, but there are thousands of combinations!
  • Planting Container-grown Plants – Often times pots are a training ground for plants. This is a great guide for transplanting potted plants to the open ground.

Creating Privacy

  • Stucco and Cement Garden Wall – This is a simple how-to on creating a simple stucco and cement wall for outdoors.
  • Create a Living Wall – A “living” wall can be created with vertical-growing plants and a base. Living walls are used now in industry buildings as well as homes.
  • How to Choose and Maintain Climbing Plants – This is a great guide for “climbing” plants, or plants that grow vertically, that can help you with your “living” wall or create a canopy along your pergola or arbor.
  • Types of Ivy – This is a list of common types of ivy and their uses.
  • Building Stone Walls – A stone wall is a great way to improve your landscape design, create a border or develop privacy.

Miscellaneous Patio Tips and Ideas