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Home lawn care is a task easily tailored to individual lifestyle — basic, intermediate, or master gardener. Basic maintenance like mowing, fertilizing, and pest control done routinely yields a nicely trimmed yard with little time investment. Add some intermediate tasks like irrigation (watering), and soil improvement and enjoy a well-manicured lawn. Master gardeners might focus on lawn diseases, maintaining existing lawns or starting new ones. The same skills needed for yard care transition well to gardening. Plan carefully, plant a manageable garden, and enjoy the fruits of tilling the earth.

Home Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Care Almanac

How to Start a new Lawn

Don’t Bag It Program

Improving Turf

Winterizing Roses

Complete Guide to Container Gardening

Ten Steps to a Successful Garden

Vegetable Garden Site Tips

Four-flap Plant Graft (illustrated how-to)

Eco-friendly Xeriscape Tutorial

America’s Most Not Wanted Invasive Plants

Poisonous Plant Resource Sheet

Space Saving Ideas for Small Gardens

How to Grow Garden Huckleberry

Insect Pests of Roses

Children’s Garden for Birds

User-friendly Virtual Garden

Yard Art & Theme Gardens

Garden Terms: Seeds, Flowers, Fruits

Edible Flowers Guide

Pocket Guide to Flowers and Gardens

Field Guide To Flowers

Fall Planting Guide for Flowers

Guide to Creating Bee-friendly Gardens

UC Guide to Healthy Lawns

Patio Umbrella

Home Lawn Watering Guide

Let Weeds be Your Guide

Nonchemical Alternatives for the Home Lawn

Organic Lawn Care Guide

No matter whether a lawn or garden is postage-stamped sized or majestically sprawled over acres of land, one thing does not change. Nothing beats sitting down with a frosty glass of lemonade, and admiring a neatly manicured lawn or a flourishing garden. Tailor your landscape to your lifestyle and enjoy a stress free, tranquil outdoor escape under a sunbrella.