Genius Home Storage Hacks You Need to Try

Without designated homes for your belongings, your house can quickly become a chaotic mess. But I’ve found some practical, stylish, and affordable storage hacks that can help you create a more spacious and organized home. Try these ideas to clear out the clutter in your house!

  • Hang a hamper bag from a hook on your closet or the back of a door. This saves valuable floor space while making it easy to haul your dirty clothes to the laundry room.
  • Install double rods in your closet to increase your storage space. On the top rod, hang items you wear frequently. Save the bottom rod for seasonal items or special-occasion clothing that’s not worn often.
  • Organize items in your refrigerator with a lazy Susan. A lazy Susan is highly useful for small items that tend to get lost in the back of the fridge.
  • Gather cords under your office desk and bundle them together with zip ties. Use cord clips to secure them to the bottom of your desk. This keeps cords off of the floor, which eliminates a tripping hazard and makes your office appear tidier.
  • Attach shower curtain rings to a clothes hanger. Use the rings to hang everything from baseball caps and scarves to belts and handbags.
  • Place an inexpensive tension rod inside the cabinet under your sink. Hang spray bottles on the rod, giving you plenty of space underneath to store wash rags and other cleaning essentials.
  • Hang coffee mugs from hooks on the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. This will give you more room inside your cabinet without taking up valuable counter space.
  • Make use of leftover PVC pipes from previous projects to organize your gardening tools. Cut the pipes into small sections and attach them to the wall of your shed or garage to hold shovels, rakes, and other outdoor tools.
  • Add a pegboard organizer to your kitchen drawers. Use the spaces between the pegs to store lids, baking trays, or similar kitchen supplies.
  • If your towels are taking up too much room in your linen closet, roll them up and place them into the compartments of a hanging shoe rack.
  • Build a family charging station. If you’re constantly finding electronics and chargers all around your home, create a designated station in your home where family members can conveniently charge their devices.
  • Secure a magazine holder to the inside door of your bathroom cabinet. Inside, store items such as brushes, curling irons, and blow-dryers.
  • Invest in a storage ottoman where you can keep things like throws, kids’ toys, or remote controls.
  • Display your perfume or cologne bottles in a spice rack. This clever solution is not only an attractive storage option, but also makes it easier to find your favorite fragrances in a pinch.
  • Place your washer and dryer on top of a heavy-duty shelf. Then, you can use the space under the shelf to hold laundry baskets, detergents, and other laundry essentials.
  • Organize women’s cosmetics in a kitchen utensil tray. These trays contain dividers, which make it easy to separate your brushes, lipsticks, eyeliner pencils, and other frequently used makeup items.
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