Cushions for Patio Chairs

Wicker Patio Lounge Chairs

In the summer, everyone wants to head outdoors to relax. But before inviting guests over for a garden party, take a little time to get your patio décor up to par. An inexpensive but highly effective way to dress up boring patio furniture is by adding outdoor chair cushions. These vital parts of your outdoor décor help to draw attention by accenting a piece of furniture, but the right cushions for outdoor furniture can also help to make it blend in better with its surroundings. Depending on the type of outdoor patio chair cushions that you buy, they will certainly add a classic, modern, or rustic touch to your surroundings.

When looking for outdoor patio furniture cushions, first, pay attention to the look of the furniture. Today’s varieties of cushions for patio chairs come in a wonderful array of styles and sizes. Decide whether you want outdoor chair cushions that blend in or offer some contrast. Wood or white plastic tend to be quite common when it comes to patio furniture. Bright, vivid colors of outdoor patio chair cushions, like reds and yellows, would help to brighten up the look. On the other hand, darker, neutral-toned cushions for outdoor furniture are great for a touch of elegance. Bringing in nature-inspired shades of green, blue, or pink can help tie the outdoor patio furniture cushions to the surrounding garden. Cushion replacements are another great way of changing up your patio décor. Simply swap the cushions for patio chairs to get a whole new look on your patio. With our low prices, you can get a different cushion color for every month of summer!

Look for fabrics that are easy to clean when you buy cushions for your patio chairs. Synthetic ones are generally best. Remember that cushions for outdoor furniture will tend to accumulate all manner of stains and dirt if you don’t use covers on your furniture. Common ones include soil, grass stains, mildew, and more. When the furniture is not in use or if it is going to rain, cover the outdoor chair cushions to protect them. Alternatively, simply store the outdoor patio chair cushions indoors. Cushions for outdoor furniture are usually pre-treated by the manufacturers to prevent fading and mildew. Cushions for patio chairs as well as the furniture itself can normally be wiped down with a wet cloth or a mild detergent. With sufficient care, your outdoor patio furniture cushions will enjoy a long life. Call us today to pick out comfy cushions for your patio!

Photo courtesy of TheLivingRoominKenmore