Galtech Replacement Umbrella Canvases

Looking for Galtech umbrella replacement parts? We carry the most important part you can buy: a high-quality replacement canvas! Galtech umbrellas are a crowd-pleasing choice for patio umbrellas, made of heavy, dense, weather-resistant materials and available for an affordable price. If you’ve purchased a Galtech umbrella and are now looking for a replacement canopy, consider this option, which is made of dense olefin fiber. This fabric is heavy and able to withstand years of use. Note that you can also get other types of canvases; consider upgrading to a high-quality Sunbrella replacement canvas if you’re looking for something with an even longer warranty. Contact us for measuring instructions to ensure that the new canvas will fit.

9′ Galtech Premium Patio Umbrella Replacement Canvas

galtech-replacement-taupe-beigeHere you will find an assortment of colors with limited availability on these Galtech Replacement Canvas options.

MSRP: $149.95 Only $69.95

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MJJ Sales offers some of the best deals online for umbrellas and parts, with affordable, wholesale prices available to both our commercial and residential customers. We offer Galtech umbrella replacement parts in the form of easy-to-install canvases in several color options. This canvas comes with a one-year warranty against fading, meaning that you’ll have at least one year of the beautiful color you choose, guaranteed. While you can find other canvases with a longer warranty, these Galtech replacement canvases are affordable, often coming at a fraction of the cost of other name brands like Sunbrella. It’s perfect for those hoping for something that’s both durable and very affordable, making this replacement canvas a great option for both business managers and homeowners.

Brighten your entire outside area, whether that’s a backyard, patio, market, or outdoor bar. Galtech’s canvas will last, especially when it is taken care of by occasionally cleaning your outdoor fabric and covering it with an umbrella cover. Storing your umbrella seasonally and in times of bad weather is good both for the canvas and the frame. If you want other tips for taking care of your canvas so that it will last years, feel free to contact our team.

Take the time to find the right color and material that’s perfect for your umbrella’s frame, and also take the time to ensure that the measurements and number of ribs match that of your replacement canvas choice. Call 888-655-7253 for expert help and advice today!

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