Enameled Steel Umbrella Stands

Our enameled steel umbrella stands are powerful, heavy, and durable enough to provide years of support for your patio umbrella. With numerous color and size options available online, we offer the variety you’re looking for that will both help to support your umbrella and look great in your outdoor space. These products have four adjustable feet for uneven surfaces and include four stakes to provide extra support on soft ground. For those adding a market umbrella to a windy outdoor area, a heavy enameled steel base would keep it firmly on the ground. If you’re wondering what size and weight of steel stand you should get, feel free to contact us at 888-655-7253. We’d be happy to help you find the right solution that will fit and support your umbrella.

60lb Enameled Steel Patio Umbrella Base

champagneSupporting large and heavy umbrella products, this enameled steel umbrella base comes in several colors.
MSRP: $249.95 Only $159.95

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37 lb. Enameled Steel – 18 ” Square Umbrella Stand

40lb-enamelCommonly used with patio tables, this size can support our medium-sized (6-to-9 foot) umbrellas. It also can be staked into soft ground for better support.
MSRP: $169.95 Only $109.95

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20 lb. Enameled Steel – 16″ Square Umbrella Stand

20lb-enamelFor our smallest umbrellas, it’s recommended that this option is used alongside table support. Note that you can stake this option into dirt or grass as well.
MSRP: $129.95 Only $79.95

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75lb Enameled Steel Patio Umbrella Base

IMG_0216Our heaviest umbrella stand can support our largest umbrellas, including our 11-foot umbrella options.
MSRP: $399.95 Only $249.95

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Strong, weather-resistant, and sturdy, steel umbrella stands give structure to your entire frame. Getting a badly made umbrella stand can lead to daily hassles: It either won’t hold up your umbrella properly or will cause the product to tilt and sway. Get one that will keep your large and often valuable umbrella firmly on the ground. Because of these stands’ weight, durability, and simplicity, many of our customers choose to buy one of our umbrella stands made out of steel. There are many types of steel out there, but our stands are layered with enamel, meaning that they are sealed in a protective coating that makes them more resistant to scratches. This long-lasting coating is available in different colors, including one that’s sure to fit your needs.

Our stands are square and simple, providing a sleek and elegant look in many residential and commercial spaces. For those hoping to add a patio umbrella to an outdoor table, this option provides plenty of leg room because it’s so low to the ground. Whether you’re putting your umbrella on soft ground, asphalt, or a wooden deck, the simple design will work well. Pair it with an aluminum frame and one of our affordable, durable umbrella canvases for a long-lasting solution.

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