Dark Wood Frame Umbrellas

Is there anything classier than the refined, elegant look of dark wooden furniture? When you’re shopping with MJJ Sales, you can bring that gorgeous look outdoors with our dark wood umbrella frame. Mix and match your desired frame with different canvas colors to find the exact look you want, and then save when you have your item delivered through us. We offer wholesale prices, fast shipping, and trusted customer service that our residential and commercial buyers have come to rave about!

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Out of all of the types of hardwood that an umbrella frame could be made of, the coolest look is that of dark wood. Patio umbrellas of this type can match dark wood or cast iron furniture especially well. This dark wood umbrella frame looks great regardless of the color of the canvas or theme you’re going with in your outdoor space. This product matches many different lounge chairs, patio tables, and outdoor themes.

When finding the best patio umbrella for your space, homeowners and designers must take into consideration many different elements of the piece. Most people tend to focus on the color of the canvas first and neglect the frame. However, the frame can bring the design of the entire outdoor “room” together. Don’t ignore the importance of the frame. Match the dark frame with a light-colored canvas, or pick out a dark canvas to create a new style. (Note that there are several color options available.) Those homeowners who really are enthusiastic about outdoor design can buy several different replacement canopies to mix and match with this affordable and durable wooden frame, as the frame itself can last for ages.

For restaurants and bars looking to bring a certain level of ambiance to their tables, this characteristic is also important. Dark wood patio umbrellas are more comfortable and homey than their aluminum counterparts, which are often meant for more weather-proof solutions. Light candles or hang holiday lights and you’ll have that look of class and comfort you’re seeking.

Browse the items we have for sale online and purchase a beautiful dark wood market umbrella from us if you’re hoping to elevate your entire space.

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