Promote Your Brand with a Custom Logo Market Umbrella

Umbrellas are an ideal form of sun protection for more than just home patios and decks. Restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops are just a few of the commercial locations that use umbrellas for the comfort of their guests. Their outward-facing and relatively large surfaces make an attractive canvas for a business’s marketing efforts. Whether they bear a sprawling brand name or some other unique or attractive logo, patio umbrellas catch the eye and get businesses noticed. At MJJ Sales, we can help you by providing you with well-made umbrellas with logo branding.

Even the most established businesses need to have a plan when it comes to self-promotion. Positive promotion keeps a business fresh in the minds of the people who will spend money on services or goods. One way to promote a business, whether it is new or established, is to create a brand that incorporates the business’s vision and voice. When branding a company, it is important to include a visual representation in the form of a logo. A logo should be well-thought-out and eye-catching. It requires creativity and careful thought, as it represents a company and its mission. Because it symbolizes the company, it is natural to include this branding on highly visible objects such as umbrellas with logos. Logo patio umbrellas at eateries, bookshops, or other establishments not only tell customers where to sit, but they also encourage consumers to come inside, make a purchase, and take a seat.

You’ll find that there are a number of options for the umbrellas that are for sale on our site. When it comes to adding logos, we offer our customers the option to buy either a commercial patio or market umbrella with logo printing on the fabric. Our custom-logo umbrellas come in sizes that range from six to 10 feet and are custom-made in the United States. When adding logos to umbrellas that cover tables at restaurants and cafes, a common choice is a market umbrella, which has a strong frame and is generally used at commercial establishments. Meanwhile, patio umbrellas offer a good amount of shade for poolside branding efforts, for example. When it comes to the canopy or canvas for your custom logo, your options include polyester and Sunbrella fabric. Polyester is a smart canvas choice for new businesses or those that have a strict budget. These canopies are weather-resistant and durable but are also priced for affordability. Umbrellas with Sunbrella canvas provide as much as 98 percent protection against UV light. Canopies made using this type of material are highly durable and benefit from not only fade resistance but also resistance to mildew and stains, and they repel water as well.

We are here to assist you when you are ready to buy your custom-logo umbrellas. Our trained customer service agents are available by phone or email to discuss the building of your custom umbrella with you. In fact, you can rely on us to provide you with any answer that you need, whether you are choosing a market umbrella with logo printing or without. Contact us today!

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