Caluco Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

Caluco is one of the top manufacturers of outdoor furniture. They design furniture that is high-end and used for residential, institutional, hospitality, and commercial applications. Their furniture is of high quality, value, and innovation. That’s why we’re proud to offer their products here at MJJ Sales. When you shop with us, you know you’ll get the most affordable price on these well-made, beautiful pieces. Options include chairs that rock, bar-style tables and chairs, and chaise lounges as well as benches, sectionals, and sets.

Pieces to Suit Your Style

Our Caluco patio furniture comes in materials such as aluminum, wicker, and teak. Fabric patterns include checkered tile, paisley, mosaic, and stripes. Solid colors are an option, too, and the choices are numerous. If you love blue, for instance, you can choose Bristol air blue, canvas air blue, true blue, or Capri blue. Reds include jockey red, terra-cotta, burgundy, and canvas brick. You can customize your Caluco furniture with fabrics in every color of the rainbow or in neutral tones, so no matter your design scheme or style, these inexpensive pieces will fit in perfectly.

Design a Backyard Getaway

Creating an outdoor oasis for entertaining is easy when you buy Caluco patio furniture. This outdoor furniture is beautiful on its own, but when featured under a lighted gazebo, it’s even more beautiful. Placing your new outdoor furniture on a deck or next to a pool and surrounding it with other outdoor elements is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Regardless of the placement of your furniture, Caluco patio furniture is the perfect choice.

How to Care for Your Investment

How you clean and care for your Caluco patio furniture will depend on the material of the products you choose. If you find that your aluminum is becoming slightly discolored, simply clean it with warm water and mild soap. If you choose Sunbrella fabric for your outdoor furniture, it should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it looking beautiful, and if a spill should happen, it should be taken care of quickly to prevent stains from setting in. Teak furniture tends to weather over time, so each year, be sure to scrub it down with soap and warm water to restore the color. You might also want to consider buying chair covers to keep dirt and moisture at bay. Contact us today to learn more about your outdoor furniture options!

Photo courtesy of cjc4454