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Can-Do Canning: Jar Your Garden to Savor Later

To cultivate a bountiful garden, you’ve got to have patience and a can-do attitude. The lovely patch or sprawling field that you create is the reward for all of your hard work and planning, and undoubtedly it becomes a source of pride as well as nourishment. So rather than just tossing away the extra produce, why not can it? The benefits of this classic hobby are as varied and fruitful as the soil beneath our feet. This infographic is a basic guide to the how, what, and why of canning. Do you think you can can? You can!

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A Game of Gnomes

Garden gnomes: you know their faces and where to find them, but do you know their history? Or did you know that there’s a society in France dedicated to their liberation? There’s a lot to discover “under the pointy hat,” so to speak, about the world’s favorite garden sculptures. From ancient antiquity when they were known as a spirit associated with the classical element of earth, to the 18th century when they were the playthings of the fabulously wealthy in England, all the way through to the present day – this infographic will teach you everything you need to know about gnomes!

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Art History Retold Through the Majesty of Umbrellas

Art History through umbrellas

There are many majestic things in the world. The Grand Canyon. 18-layer chocolate cake. A stallion galloping through a field of fresh wildflowers. Oprah. Gandalf’s beard. The ocean’s surface lit ablaze by a fiery sunset. Umbrellas. Yes, umbrellas! One artist

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Urban Gardening In The Modern Age

As urban decay continues to become an issue throughout our nation’s cities, a blossoming trend is reinventing those affected areas. This trend is urban gardening. While at first it may not seem possible to add a garden amongst the hustle and bustle of a major city, it’s actually a very plausible project. Adding an urban garden to your building, apartment, or neighborhood can produce a multitude of benefits for all those involved. This infographic looks at the three main types of urban gardens and details all the information you would need to start one of your own.

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How To Plan The Perfect 4th Of July Party

Every year, people gather in great numbers to celebrate the birth of America on the 4th of July. These parties, when done properly, are often some of the best the summer can offer. Though preparing to host one can seem like a daunting task, with the right help, you can throw a party that your friends and family will talk about for years to come. The infographic below provides all of the essential details and best methods for planning and celebrating the ultimate party on the 4th of July.

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