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Fall Leaf Identification Guide

Want to have an adventure? Enjoy autumn while exploring the different types of leaves that have fallen in your backyard! Use this leaf identification chart to name which type of tree each beautiful leaf has fallen from. These images of different kinds of leaves reveal the full splendor of the different colors and shapes of autumn. When you pick up a leaf, do you have a smooth and curved fruit tree leaf or a five-pointed, spike-like shape indicative of the many types of maple leaves? Is it simple or compound, palmate or pinnate, or lobed or not lobed? Study the shape and texture closely if you want to complete a tree identification by leaf shape. Pay especially close attention if you’re trying to determine the specific type of a common tree, like a maple tree. Leaf identification can be a fun activity with kids as you’re walking about, and it can teach them to tell the types of fall leaves apart as well as encourage their scientific curiosity. But it doesn’t need to be autumn for you to use our guide to tell alder tree leaves from oak tree leaves; identification can be fun year-round!

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Sources of Vital Vitamins and Minerals in Nature Infographic

A balanced diet full of important vitamins and minerals is an important part of staying healthy. What most people don’t know is you don’t need supplements to achieve this goal. Many fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and more have everything you need, more importantly, you can find them all in nature! This chart identifies sources of 25 crucial vitamins and minerals and how you can get your daily value simply by picking up some produce from your local market or farm.

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How to Respond to Sneezes Around the World

How to Respond to Sneezes Around the World - - Infographic

A sneeze is an interesting thing. It’s something that everyone does, and almost anywhere you go on Earth, the local culture has a special response reserved just for sneezing. If you want to know how different cultures around the world respond to sneezing you can do one of two things: You can sneeze your way around the world and record the responses, or you can check out this awesome chart and save yourself a lot of time.

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Myths and Legends of Winter Infographic

When you think about winter, what do you imagine? Maybe you imagine the roads, or shoveling snow, or being cold – boring things that remind you of how troublesome winter can be. But in ages past, our ancestors had more creative ways of imagining winter. They conjured gods, demons, and fairies to explain what winter is, why it exists, and how to survive the season. In this infographic, we’ll take you back to a mythological age and explore some of our favorite myths and legends of winter!

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Cute vs. Terrifying: The Most Adorable and Brutal Animals in the Animal Kingdom Infographic

Cute vs. Terrifying: The Most Adorable and Brutal Animals in the Animal Kingdom

Nature: sometimes it’s cute, other times it’s downright terrifying. In this infographic, we’ll compare some of the cutest animal facts to the most brutal and metal. You might be surprised to see a few animals on both sides of the aisle! Can you imagine how cute a court of sharks is? Or how metal a squirrel that disembowels deer and eats their hearts is? Get ready for a dose of whiplash as you learn something new about the cutest and most terrifying animals our planet has to offer!

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Cities with the Best Weather Infographic

Everyone loves a beautiful sunny day, right? Well what if you could move to a state with almost no rainy days. Even if you are a fan of peaceful rainy days, we’ve got you covered. This map visualization identifies the sunniest and rainiest states in the country based on the average number of clear and precipitation days each year.

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22 Fictional Characters Who Call The Great Outdoors Home

Rugged or adorable, fierce and free, these characters who spend most, if not all, of their time outdoors have earned their titles as fans’ favorite fictional free spirits, wandering through wildernesses on Earth and elsewhere. This is the list of the top characters who live primarily in the great outdoors, calling the wilderness their true home.

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22 North American Birds and How to Attract Them Infographic

There are many unique birds to discover in North America. This is due to the various climates that the continent has to offer. Attracting birds, especially ones of a specific species can be challenging, but knowing types of seeds and grains they enjoy can really help you in finding some feathered friends.

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21 Words to Describe Nature from Cultures All Over the World

Nature has sparked wonder and veneration within us from the dawn of time – so naturally, there are many words from cultures around the world to describe every captivating facet of it. This infographic offers a vibrant, refreshing tour of how human beings from all corners of the earth refer to Mother Nature’s mysterious ways. It weaves a dazzling tapestry of the elements that is sure to inspire you to step outside and experience these words for yourself.

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Growing Herbs in the Winter Months Infographic

mjj-herb-infographic-edit-3 copy

The winter months are upon us, and a long and fruitful growing season is coming to an end. You could pack your green thumb and overalls away until next spring, but what if there was another way to keep your prized herbs thriving all year round? This simple guide is a great place to start for beginners to indoor gardening and will help you jump-start this rewarding hobby.

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