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A Thanksgiving Survival Guide For Your Home

Preparing for Thanksgiving is no easy task: Every year, our family takes several days leading up to the event to clean the house, put together the menu, and collect enough chairs and serving pieces to accommodate our guests. This year,

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Your Fruit and Vegetable Ripeness Guide


Fruits and vegetables are often tested for ripeness by their size, weight, firmness, color, and sometimes even their smell. Like many gardeners, I don’t like seeing my homegrown crops go to waste because I picked them too soon or too late. This is why I keep a guide handy to refer back to when I’m unsure if my crops are ripe and ready to be harvested.

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How to Have An Organic Thanksgiving


Each year, our friends and family gather to enjoy a feast of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and other festive fare. This Thanksgiving is set to be the yummiest and healthiest yet, as we will be choosing local and organic foods

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Myth-Busting 6 Popular Food Hacks


With grown children and a grandkid, our family time is precious and I’m not about to waste those valuable minutes in the kitchen prepping our meal. I’m always on the lookout for shortcuts to save us time in the kitchen. Peeling, cutting, and chopping fruits and vegetables used to use up a significant block of my time – time that should have been spent enjoying my family. Not only are these tasks time-consuming, but they can also lead to nasty nicks and cuts if you’re not careful. Fortunately, I’ve got a number of easy food hacks designed to save time and minimize meal prep.

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Slightly Experienced Patio Umbrellas

These Patio Umbrellas are sold at a discounted price and are one of a kind items.

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