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5 Non-traditional Ways To Decorate For Fall

When most people think of fall décor, they picture orange pumpkins, brightly-colored mums, and festive wreaths, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go that way when you’re adorning your own home. This fall, explore some other fun color

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6 Ways to Incorporate Pumpkins Into Your Patio and Porch

This fall, why not transform your porch or patio with some seasonal décor? Mums, wreaths, and other autumn elements can add instant warmth to the outside of your home, welcoming visitors with a festive feel. Pumpkins in particular are an

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6 Creative Ways to Use Your Pumpkin and Gourd Harvest

Pumpkins and gourds are a prominent symbol of harvest season and a sign that autumn has begun. But what if your garden has produced more than you know what to do with? While carving jack-o’-lanterns and making pumpkin pie are

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Inspiring Autumn Color Palettes to Bring Into Your Home

Say goodbye to the bold, beautiful shades of summer and hello to a new season of harvest-themed hues. Brilliant reds, rustic oranges, and touches of brown and yellow are part of the perfect fall-inspired color palette. Autumn is a colorful

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3 Important Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

The start of fall is the best time to prepare your lawn for the long winter ahead. Without help, most lawns will not survive snow, ice, and extreme cold intact, so when spring finally arrives, you may find that your

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A Thanksgiving Survival Guide For Your Home

Preparing for Thanksgiving is no easy task: Every year, our family takes several days leading up to the event to clean the house, put together the menu, and collect enough chairs and serving pieces to accommodate our guests. This year,

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8 Creative Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining in Cooler Weather

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Outdoor entertaining isn’t limited to the summer months: Autumn is a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family while enjoying the cooler weather. To make your fall get-togethers a success, draw inspiration from these creative ideas for outdoor entertaining.

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4 Spooky DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Lawn


Every year, I look for new ideas for my Halloween landscape. To save money, I prefer to make most of my decorations myself using materials found around my home. This October, try your hand at creating some spine-chilling Halloween décor using these ideas.

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7 Must-Do Autumn Home Maintenance Projects


As winter approaches, the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler. Now is the perfect time to finish up those critical maintenance tasks that you didn’t get to during the summer. I actually prefer doing outdoor projects in the fall to avoid the extreme heat of the summer sun. Performing maintenance in autumn still leaves ample time to make any necessary repairs before the onset of winter. Roll up your sleeves and complete your home maintenance tasks with this list.

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What to Do With Leftover Seeds

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After the growing season has come and gone, you may be left with extra fruit, vegetable, or flower seeds. Instead of simply throwing these seeds away, I prefer to store or reuse them as not to be wasteful. If properly stored, most plant seeds can be used from one year to the next. Whether you have leftover packaged seeds or have harvested seeds from your own garden, there are numerous uses for your leftover seeds.

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