Cast Iron Umbrella Stands

Don’t spend a lot on a beautiful, elegant umbrella and then ignore the design of the base. An ugly base can be an eyesore, especially if you don’t plan to cover or hide it with a patio table or set of chairs. Grab an addition that is as artistically crafted and beautifully made as the rest of your umbrella. Luckily, our cast iron umbrella stands can be just as eye-catching as our umbrellas themselves. Make sure your umbrella is supported by something both strong and elegant, and pick out a cast iron umbrella base that would look great with your umbrella.

Patio Umbrella Base Cast Iron 50lb

50-cast-iron-standThis heavy, gorgeous stand looks great with many of our umbrellas. The price on this product includes free shipping if you live within the continental U.S.
MSRP: $299.95 Only $149.95

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Cast Iron Umbrella Base Stand 30lb

cast-iron-standWe love the decorative look of this smaller cast iron umbrella stand, which measures a whopping 30 pounds, heavy enough to keep your umbrella nice and stable.
MSRP: $159.95 Only $99.95

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Find an Attractive, Attention-Grabbing Base

Looking especially chic with our wooden umbrella frames, these cast iron umbrella stands can really elevate the entire design of your outdoor space. Many of our residential and commercial customers love this choice of stand because it can look great just on its own and doesn’t need to be hidden or covered. This opens up options and can increase the longevity of the product; rather than being confined to a table or to a specific area, the umbrella can be moved to a new place without having to worry about the blight of an ugly stand.

Keep Your Umbrella Secure With Cast Iron

Another reason why many people purchase a cast iron umbrella base is that cast iron itself is a heavy, durable, and reliable material. It has all of the sturdiness of other metals but with a more classic appearance. Cast iron was developed as a stronger alternative to other alloys. It was made out of super-heated iron and created in a blast furnace. It was then molded into different shapes. Since the times when creating this material was necessary to build things, the technologies of combining alloys to create complicated new metals have improved; however, the unique look of cast iron is now synonymous with antiques, elegance, and refined style. The result is a material that’s both super-strong (just as strong as other types of umbrella stands) and very lovely to look at.

Buy a Cast Iron Umbrella Base

We at MJJ Sales offer cast iron umbrella stands for our umbrellas, and whether or not you’ve bought from us in the past, we’d be happy to help you. Browse the items we have for sale online and find the cast iron umbrella base that would fit your market umbrella. Note that with our fast (and often free) shipping, you can have your item delivered very quickly. Choose us; we offer speedy shipping, affordable prices, and great customer service our happy clients have come to trust!

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