Blue Patio Umbrellas

Are you looking to bring a calm, cool feel to your outdoor space? Blue patio umbrellas can enhance your space, whether it’s market seating, a pool-side area, a residential backyard, or the deck of a cruise ship. Our durable, affordable options bring this soft hue to your outdoor space while shielding your guest from the heat and light of the sometimes-overpowering sun.

The Best Prices and Widest Selection of Blue Patio Umbrellas

With MJJ Sales, you can find wholesale prices on a vast selection of different umbrella products, including ones with many different colors, sizes, shapes, types of stands, and type of canvases. Take the time to browse through our wide selection to find the perfect patio umbrella. Blue market umbrella options include those with UV-resistant Sunbrella canvas, wood and aluminum stand options, as well as many different sizes; now that you’ve found the color you want, weigh the other options carefully, too. If you don’t know which blue outdoor umbrella would look best in your residential or commercial setting, contact us at 888-655-7253 to allow us to provide our expert opinion.

New 9′ Wood Umbrella with Suncrylic Canvas

woodsunbrella-caribean-blueIt’s a perfect match: the smooth, natural look of a wooden stand with the sky-like hue of a blue umbrella to top it. This choice looks great and gets the job done.

MSRP: $299.95 Only $199.95

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7.5′ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Tilt and Crank

mainThis is one of our best-selling options for umbrellas. It features both a crank handle for easy operation and tilt functions for better coverage!

MSRP: $119.95 Only $79.95 More Info »

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9’ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Tilt

9-ft-alum-tilt-marine-blueGet this large, versatile, and durable umbrella in an azure hue. This option features fiberglass ribs and a crank handle as well.

As low as $84.95 More Info »

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11 Aluminum Umbrella with Crank

main-4This large umbrella gives a massive amount of coverage and is great for large tables that seat six or have larger lounge chairs. Get a big blue canvas to top it.

MSRP: $239.95 Only $129.95 More Info »

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9’ Aluminum Umbrella with Suncrylic Canvas

9-suncrylic-aqua-blueThis product, which features a Suncrylic canvas atop a sturdy aluminum frame, comes with 12 canvas options and two frame options. Check out the aqua option.

MSRP: $259.95 Only $149.95 More Info »

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9ft Aluminum Market Umbrella with Sunbrella Canvas

9-market-suncrylic-aqua-blueGet maximum protection for your guests or customers with a UV-resistant Sunbrella Canvas, which comes in several shades of both dark and light blue.

MSRP: from $429.95 As low as $289.95

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5′ Square Wood Market Umbrella with Sunbrella

5-square-wood-pacific-blueBe unique and get a quaint square umbrella, which looks very stylish with a blue canvas. The coverage it offers is small but efficient, with excellent UV protection.

MSRP: from $429.95 As low as $299.95

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9′ Commercial Aluminum Umbrella with Sunbrella

9-commercial-sunbrella-pacific-blueCreate a gorgeous, long line of blue umbrellas with the better Sunbrella canvas, and really wow your clients, guests, or customers in a commercial setting.

MSRP: from $399.95 As low as $299.95

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The Psychology of Blue

After getting such great deals online with MJJ Sales, you won’t be feeling blue! You will be enjoying the rich color and overall calming effect of your blue market umbrella, though. Match the soft, natural colors of a summer sky or the cool ocean once you buy an elegant blue outdoor umbrella. There is a deep psychological meaning of the color blue, and it’s been a sought-after and important hue throughout history. It’s synonymous with many different emotions and feelings: authority, strength, trustworthiness, calmness, understanding, and serenity. If you want these feelings to relate to your outdoor image or your brand, then this is definitely the color to choose for your patio umbrella. Blue is often people’s favorite color and is most used in logos of many major brands.

For settings with white accents and soft colors, a blue umbrella can look amazing. We love seeing pictures of where our umbrellas end up, especially if they’re in someone’s backyard, poolside, or helping customers stay cool! Save with us and get excellent customer service along with a conveniently delivered blue umbrella today!

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Slightly Experienced Patio Umbrellas

These Patio Umbrellas are sold at a discounted price and are one of a kind items.

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