Prevent Air Pollution In Your Home

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Did you know that invisible toxins are likely to be lingering in your living room? Pollution levels are typically two to five times higher inside your home than outside. At any given time, the average home contains mold, pollen, and fumes from harsh chemicals. While most of us do our best to keep our homes clean and tidy, that isn’t always enough. To prevent health hazards, consider other ways that you may be contributing to air pollution in your home and how to fix them.

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Winter Camping Tips for Beginners


For some, winter camping means venturing out to their backyard for a night of family fun. For others, a winter camping trip means staying in the wilderness at a state or national park. No matter where you roam, winter camping can be frigid and uncomfortable if you’re not well-prepared. If you’re willing to brave the cold, I suggest planning ahead to make your winter camping trip pleasant and memorable.

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Fantastic Snacks For Your Fine Feathered Friends

Blue jay

Bird-feeding is an easy way to attract native birds to your backyard. Install a bird feeder in a tree, on a fence, or hanging from a pole to attract a variety of bird species. You can also create your own feeding station with objects in and around your home, such as peanut butter smeared on a pine cone. As not all birds eat seeds, it’s important to learn about your local birds and what they prefer to eat.

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7 Steps To Increase the Value of Your Home


Increasing the value of your home doesn’t require a full house renovation. There are many simple things you can do to enhance the appearance of your home while capitalizing on its value. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or simply want to undergo essential upgrades, try out some of these ideas to spruce up your home without breaking the bank.

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Here’s How You’re Watering Your Plants Wrong

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Incorrect or inconsistent watering is one of the biggest causes of plant death. Maybe you’re watering too much, too little, or at the wrong time of the day. The truth is that many of us don’t really know how much water our plants need, and when they die due to our lack of knowledge, we blame their demise on our black thumbs. By understanding your mistakes, you can avoid common watering errors.

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Your Fruit and Vegetable Ripeness Guide


Fruits and vegetables are often tested for ripeness by their size, weight, firmness, color, and sometimes even their smell. Like many gardeners, I don’t like seeing my homegrown crops go to waste because I picked them too soon or too late. This is why I keep a guide handy to refer back to when I’m unsure if my crops are ripe and ready to be harvested.

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How to Reuse Your Holiday Greenery


The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean your decorations need to hit the curb. Prevent waste by repurposing your greenery. From your Christmas tree to decorative wreaths and boughs, fresh greenery can be used well into the new

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Build a Winter Garden With a Chinese Greenhouse


For gardeners in many parts of the country, winter can be a frustrating time of year because it’s so hard to grow things. But recently, I came across an idea that can help fix this problem, especially for those of my friends who live in colder, snowier places than I do. Chinese passive solar greenhouses have three walls constructed of brick or clay. On the southern side, the fourth wall is made from a transparent material such as plastic foil to allow sunlight in. This unique type of greenhouse emerged in China during the 1970s and 1980s and is still widely used today. For those of us who like the idea of growing warm-weather crops all year long, the concept of solar gardening is worth learning about.

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The Only Fall Home Maintenance Checklist You Need


Now that fall is here, it’s time to check off some of those important home maintenance tasks and prepare for the long winter ahead. Throughout October and November, I go through my home maintenance checklist to not only maintain my home but also to prevent costly damage later on. With chillier weather approaching, it’s time to put warm-weather items away, make any necessary inspections and repairs, and perform some much-needed cleaning.

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Don’t Forget to Protect Your Home’s Plumbing This Winter


Winter is coming, and to prepare, I’ve been checking off some very important home maintenance tasks. At the top of my list are several plumbing-related items. While temperatures rarely get cold enough for pipes to freeze here in sunny California, other locations may not be so lucky. If you live in a chillier climate, you’ll want to prepare for the bitter winter months by completing some critical plumbing tasks. Start with the outdoor plumbing in the fall, preferably before the first frost hits. Taking a few simple preventative measures can save you significant money and stress in the long run.

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