Thanksgiving Recipes Straight from the Garden

Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to use up your delicious harvest! From green bean casserole to honey-glazed carrots, there are countless recipes that can incorporate fresh produce and herbs you grew yourself. Complete your Thanksgiving table with healthy, flavorful crops

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Tips for Creating a Winter Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard

Winter can be tough on birds, squirrels, and other small critters. By providing a safe haven for these creatures, you can help ensure that they make it through the winter unscathed. To help protect the wildlife in your community, why

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A Guide to Starting a Kitchen Herb Garden

Winter is just around the corner, and for many homeowners, this means preparing the house for cooler weather, dragging out the patio heater, and finding new ways to grow your favorite herbs. While some herbs can live outside all year

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10 Amazing Recipes to Make the Most of Your Fall Harvest

In many parts of the country, fall is harvest season, when fresh produce is particularly plentiful. As you prepare for the winter ahead by putting away your patio furniture and readying the exterior of your home, round up whatever’s left

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Decor Essentials for the Perfect Fall Porch or Patio

Give your porch or patio the ultimate fall makeover by adding décor that celebrates the season and gives your home instant curb appeal. These budget-friendly ideas incorporate warm autumn colors that make your home appear cozy and inviting. Along with

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A Year’s Worth of DIY Wreaths

You might think of Christmas when you think of a wreath, but the truth is that wreaths can make great seasonal decorations all year long. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on them, either: Creating your own

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The Ultimate Pool Closing Checklist

The end of the summer brings many responsibilities for homeowners. In addition to cleaning the gutters, replacing air filters, and stowing their patio umbrellas and other outdoor furniture for winter, pool owners must take the necessary steps to properly close

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The Best Pumpkin Festivals in America

Fall is never complete without a pumpkin-themed activity, and no matter where you live, there’s bound to be a pumpkin festival not too far away. Cooler autumn weather doesn’t just mean snuggling up near the patio heater and watching the

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Make Your Home Smell Like Fall Without a Candle

When most people think of fall scents, they envision earthy autumn leaves, spiced cinnamon, smoky bonfires, and baked apples. It’s easy to replicate these scents with a fall-scented candle, but creating these aromas directly from the source is much more

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How to Host a Backyard Movie Night

It’s a great time of year to go to the drive-in, but why not bring the drive-in to your own backyard with a family-friendly movie night? With a little planning, you can host a memorable backyard movie night complete with

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