3 Wondrous Walkway Designs To Elevate Your Yard


You’ve put time and money into your landscape. Don’t spoil your efforts by walking through your freshly sown grass or blooming garden. Incorporate pathways into your landscape design to guide people through your yard and enhance your home’s curb appeal. When creating a walkway design, consider shape, materials, and dimensions, which can range from basic brick to decorative stone. I’ve found that walkways can be both practical and beautiful with a well thought out plan and a little creativity. You can even build your own pathways with a few common tools, the material of your choice, and some physical effort.

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Wonderful Ways to Renovate Your Dog’s House This Summer

dog house

You’ve washed the windows, pruned the bushes, and cleaned the gutters. Before finishing up your outdoor maintenance checklist, be sure to add one more task. With summer just around the corner, your dog will need a place to escape the sun. Renovate your pup’s dog house to create a unique space where your furry friend can remain safe and comfortable.

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Simple Summer Flag Etiquette


Flag Day is celebrated on June 14 each year to honor the United States flag and commemorate its adoption. Many of us show our admiration by displaying the Stars and Stripes in front of our homes and businesses. Recognition of the American flag is a week-long event that typically consists of Flag Day ceremonies, barbecues, and other types of celebrations. As you reflect on the history and freedoms of our great country, remember to show respect through proper flag etiquette.

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Celebrate National Gardening Exercise Day With Backyard Burpees

garden fitness

National Gardening Exercise Day is June 6. To celebrate, grab your trowel and head outdoors! Many of us overlook the health benefits of gardening, but common gardening activities like digging, planting, raking, and mowing burn calories and work muscles. Gardening can also provide stress relief, improve hand strength and dexterity, promote positive moods, and reduce your risk of certain conditions, such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, depression, heart disease, and stroke. Gardening is much more than a hobby: It’s also a way to keep your body active and your mind sharp. To enhance your workout, try incorporating stretches and exercises.

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Sources of Vital Vitamins and Minerals in Nature Infographic

A balanced diet full of important vitamins and minerals is an important part of staying healthy. What most people don’t know is you don’t need supplements to achieve this goal. Many fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and more have everything you need, more importantly, you can find them all in nature! This chart identifies sources of 25 crucial vitamins and minerals and how you can get your daily value simply by picking up some produce from your local market or farm.

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Uncommon Backyard Cave Ideas for Every Homeowner


Who says you have to use your shed to store your lawn mower or garden tools? Consider turning your shed, lean-to, or other outdoor structure into a backyard hangout. From mini-kitchens to lounge areas, there are plenty of ways to extend your living space and create a room to entertain and relax in your own backyard. Before getting started, I recommend choosing a theme for your new space, such as a pub, library, or TV room.

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The Proper Way to Celebrate National Barbecue Month


May is National Barbecue Month and the perfect time to fire up the grill. As the weather gets warmer by the day, take advantage of the higher temps by trying out new recipes or organizing a potluck! No matter how you choose to celebrate, I urge you to spend time outdoors grilling, dining, and having fun with friends and family: I know I will. Try out these ways to celebrate National Barbecue Month.

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Tiny House Inspiration for Your Home

tiny house

Over the past few years, tiny houses have been popping up across the country. These pint-sized dwellings are the homes of choice for people looking to significantly downsize and lead simpler lives. As space is limited, homeowners are forced to abandon clutter, find ways to organize, and maximize the space they do have. While these homes do have their perks, the tiny-house life is not for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some aspects of tiny houses into your regular-sized home.

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Celebrate Herb Day With These Hacks

carrot soup

May 6 is National Herb Day, and if you have excess herbs in your garden, it’s a great time to find some new and unusual ways to use them up. I’ve found herbs to be useful for everything from hair treatments to homemade cold remedies. Instead of letting your leftover herbs go to waste, dry them out for later use or use them up in other creative ways.

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Celebrate Astronomy Day In Your Backyard


Get kids excited about science, the universe, and all of the objects in it: April 29 marks Astronomy Day in the United States! This annual event encourages families to participate in some stargazing while learning about celestial objects and phenomena. I’ve found that the best way to celebrate astronomy with children is to do some hands-on activities to make learning fun.

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