Beige Replacement Umbrella Canvases

Has your umbrella’s canvas gotten moldy, stained, or ripped? You don’t need to replace it with an entirely new umbrella. You can buy a durable replacement canopy from the #1 online store for all of your umbrella needs! With MJJ Sales, you can find the perfect beige replacement umbrella canopy that will fit your umbrella’s frame. We offer canvases in many different neutral shades, including a customer favorite: beige. Replacement umbrella canopy options vary in their size, shape, and durability. Feel free to contact us with questions. If you’ve already bought your original umbrella with us, we can find the size you need right away! If not, we’re confident we have a beige market umbrella canvas that will fit your frame because of our vast inventory. Contact us at 888-655-7253 for sizing help.

6.5ft – 6 Rib Polyester Replacement Canvas

blackFor smaller umbrellas with six 39-inch ribs, this choice of canvas comes in several colors, including beige.

MSRP: $49.95 Only $39.95

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7.5ft Poly Replacement Canvas

beigeThis product is made of our 7-ounce polyester, and the price includes free shipping within the continental U.S.

MSRP: $69.95 Only $49.95

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9ft Poly Replacement Canvas

forest-greenThis is our most affordable option for one of the most common sizes for a market umbrella: a 9-foot umbrella with eight ribs.

MSRP:$79.95 Only $49.95

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5ft Square Polyester Replacement Canvas

square-replacementA replacement canvas for a 5-foot square umbrella may be hard to find, but we have it! And it also comes in beige!

Only $29.95

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11ft – 8 Rib Poly Replacement Canvas – 66″ ribs

naturalIf you have a larger umbrella with eight 66-inch beams, you can get an affordable option in the color you’re looking for.

MSRP: $119.95 From $59.95

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9′ Suncrylic Patio Umbrella Replacement Canvas

caribean-blueThis is a mid-level canvas that is UV- and fade-resistant. It’s perfect for those looking for a high-quality canvas without a high price.

MSRP: $149.95 Only $79.95

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9′ Galtech Premium Patio Umbrella Replacement Canvas

galtech-replacement-taupe-beigeHere you will find an assortment of colors with limited availability on these Galtech Replacement Canvas options.

MSRP: $149.95 Only $69.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 6.5ft

6-5-sunbrella-replacementThe smaller size of your umbrella frame can be beautified by this high-quality fabric. The Sunbrella brand offers some of the most popular choices for umbrella canvas.

MSRP: from $169.95 As low as $129.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 7.5ft

7-5-sunbrella-replacementBuy a Sunbrella canvas replacement that fits your frame and has the right neutral look you’re going for.

MSRP: from $209.95 As low as $164.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 9ft – 8 Rib

9-ft-8-rib-sunbrella-replacementThis is one of the most standard sizes for a patio umbrella. Choose from numerous shades of beige; Sunbrella offers several along with some very nice neutral patterns.

MSRP: from $219.95 As low as $179.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 9ft – 6 Rib

9-ft-6-rib-replacement-sunbrellaFitting umbrellas with six 53-inch ribs, this replacement canvas is made from the high-quality Sunbrella fabric, which is UV- and fade-resistant.

MSRP: from $219.95 As low as $179.95

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Sunbrella Replacement 11ft

detail-photo-11-wood-marketThis is the largest option for those looking to buy a Sunbrella canvas from us. Make sure your umbrella offers UV protection with this Sunbrella replacement canvas.

MSRP: from $349.95 As low as $289.95

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Tips for Sizing Your Umbrella

When trying to find your umbrella’s accurate size, start by removing the canvas and placing your umbrella in the closed position. Then, measure the beam (or rib) from top to bottom. Count how many ribs there are. Also, check to see how the finial, or top piece, is attached. While shopping for your beige market umbrella canvas, you’ll want all of these measurements.

Finding the Right Color for Your Space

While shopping for an umbrella canopy replacement, beige is often the color that many of our customers go with. It’s clear why: The color is so versatile, matching many, if not most, other colors, patterns, and elements in a space. Unlike white, it’s also relatively clean-looking without causing the constant fear of stains. Decorating with neutrals is very popular both inside and outside of the house for these reasons. It reflects the sun’s rays efficiently as well, making it a better color option for a patio umbrella replacement canopy. Beige is a color well-loved by both our residential and commercial clients. Also, here’s a fun fact: It happens to be the color of the universe itself, according to scientists!

Beautifying Your Space with a New Beige Umbrella Canopy

You can change up and create a new style for your entire outdoor space when you purchase a new patio umbrella replacement canopy. Beige canvases come in several different styles and fabrics; we can discuss with you which option would be best for you. While we offer some of the most affordable prices online, we also only offer high-quality products from major brands like Sunbrella and Suncrylic. We can also have your item delivered quickly. Choose MJJ Sales if you’re looking to find the best and most affordable umbrella canopy replacement in beige and neutral hues and save with us today!

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