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6 Backyard Upcycling Ideas for Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, marking the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that began in 1970. To celebrate Earth Day, we often find ways to take care of the planet by picking up litter, planting

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How to Plan the Perfect Spring Garden Party

Springtime means warmer days, which are perfect for entertaining outdoors. There’s no better way to celebrate the new season than by hosting a garden party. As your garden is the main source of inspiration, you’ll want to incorporate brightly colored

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A Guide to Planting and Caring for Daisies

Just like each month is represented by a gemstone, each month also has a birth flower. Daisies are the April birth flower, and to celebrate people who were born in this month, we often plant daisies in the yard or

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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Yard More Eco-Friendly

Whether you’re growing crops to feed your family or planting flowers for a more aesthetically pleasing yard, it’s a good idea to keep sustainable landscaping in mind. This practice involves planning out your lawn or garden to minimize its potential

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6 Clever Ways to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

Wish you had more privacy when you step into your yard? With houses being built closer and closer together these days, it can be hard to relax without feeling like you’re constantly under your neighbors’ view. However, there are a

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Creative Ways to Fit a Garden on Your Patio

If you have a small backyard or just want to add more greenery to your landscape, you don’t have to miss out on having a garden. National Plant a Flower Day, on March 12, is a good reminder that even

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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Patio

Signs of spring are all around us: Flowers are blooming, leaves are budding, and birds are chirping. With warmer weather on its way, now’s a good time to clean and prepare your patio for spring. After a long winter, your

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5 Themed Garden Ideas to Energize Your Backyard

There’s no one right way to create a garden, and with endless options available, it’s possible to change the design of your garden every year for a lifetime and never run out of ideas. I’ve noticed that themed gardens have

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6 Creative Ways to Start Seeds in Your Kitchen

Who says you have to wait until spring to start growing your favorite plants? With a few packs of seeds, some soil, and common kitchen items, you can start seeds in your home during the winter, so you’re ready to

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6 Stunning Gardening Trends for 2018

With spring right around the corner, open to your mind to new possibilities in your garden. This year, you can expect to see a plethora of new and exciting gardening trends that will take your yard to a whole new

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