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Fred JaicksFred Jaicks has owned MJJ Sales Inc. since 2001, and regularly contributes content to When not running his business, Fred writes on various topics, including weather, nature, and woodworking.

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Unusual Ways to Use Your Everyday Tools

Wheel barrow garden

Instead of simply tossing out my old gardening tools when they need to be replaced, I prefer to repurpose them. An old, rusty wheelbarrow became a rustic planter, and a broken shovel became an accent piece for my front door. Upcycling requires effort and creativity, but it’s worth it to give your everyday tools new life. You can keep your old garden tools out of the landfill while providing your yard with eye-catching statement pieces.

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Winter Tool Tune-Ups in Summer


Each summer, I perform home maintenance to prepare for the winter ahead. Cold weather can create hazards in and around your home: Snowblowers can break down, gutters may fill with snow and ice, and pipes have the potential to freeze. Before that first cold snap, give your tools and appliances a tune-up to ensure that they’re in good working order for winter.

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7 Unique Outdoor Shower Ideas

outdoor shower

You don’t have to have a beach house to enjoy the convenience of an outdoor shower. I love mine, as it keeps guests from tracking dirt and sand indoors. They’re also great for rinsing off muddy kids and pets at the end of a long day of outdoor fun. Even if you don’t own a pool or spa, an outdoor shower is a refreshing way to cool off on a hot day. While often associated with luxury homes, an outdoor shower doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive. In fact, you likely have the skills to build or install an outdoor shower in your own backyard.

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DIY Outdoor Games for the Whole Family

bean bag game

I enjoy playing outdoor games with family and friends when the weather warms up. Unfortunately, buying new games each summer can really add up. Now, instead of running to the store, I try to make my own games using materials around the house. Try out these DIY backyard games that the whole family can enjoy.

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Outdoor Storage Tips From Your Favorite Pros

outdoor storage

I’m always coming up with new ways to use outdoor spaces, but I’m far from the only one who thinks about these things. Some of the biggest names in home improvement have come up with great ideas for stylish and unique storage solutions to keep your plants, tools, and garden supplies organized, neat plans for tiny gardens that make the most of very little space, and storage cabinets that corral all of your frequently used tools. Today, I’ve collected some of their ideas that I think would be great additions to anyone’s backyard.

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Bring Your Backyard to Life With A Bee Hotel

insect hotel

Many people are afraid of bee stings and try to avoid these flying insects at all costs. Others welcome their company, knowing the important role that bees play in the pollination process. If you’re a gardener or simply want to do your part to help the bee population, buying or making a bee hotel for your backyard is one way to increase the number of native bees in your area. Bee hotels are primarily used by solitary bees to make their nests. You don’t even need to worry too much about getting stung: Solitary bees are less likely to sting then honeybees, as they’re not forced to protect their hive.

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Quickly Clean Your Patio Furniture With 3 Ingredients

patio furniture

Outdoor patio furniture can become dirty and smelly over time, especially if you don’t store it properly during the off-season. During the spring and summer months, airborne dust and moisture can create a grimy film on the outside of your tables and chairs. If your patio furniture needs a little TLC, grab a few basic cleaning ingredients and get to work.

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How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

Perfect picnic

I love summer picnics: They’re a great way to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. July is National Picnic Month, which means there’s no better time to plan a delicious picnic with fun, healthy foods. Start by choosing a scenic spot for your meal. Local parks and beaches are ideal choices, but if children will be joining you, you might want to opt for a location near a playground. Once you’ve found a nice setting, it’s time to plan the other parts of your picnic.

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Recycled Outdoor Knick Knack Ideas

wind chimes

From old glass bottles to pieces of broken glass, all sorts of materials can be recycled to make creative knickknacks to beautify your backyard. Creating your own outdoor décor not only saves you money and helps the environment, but it also allows you to put a personalized spin on the look of your yard and garden. Take your outdoor space up a notch with these fun DIY projects.

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3 Wondrous Walkway Designs To Elevate Your Yard


You’ve put time and money into your landscape. Don’t spoil your efforts by walking through your freshly sown grass or blooming garden. Incorporate pathways into your landscape design to guide people through your yard and enhance your home’s curb appeal. When creating a walkway design, consider shape, materials, and dimensions, which can range from basic brick to decorative stone. I’ve found that walkways can be both practical and beautiful with a well thought out plan and a little creativity. You can even build your own pathways with a few common tools, the material of your choice, and some physical effort.

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