Air Pollution Information

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There are many types of air pollution and it doesn’t all come from cars. It comes from the cars on the street to the lawn mowers in garages to the ships that are sailing on the ocean. Those sources of pollution
are affecting the world in ways most people probably don’t even realize. Air pollution is so bad in some parts of the world that acid rain can eat straight through umbrellas, destroy forests, and harm animals. It’s causing changes in the climate, bringing about the melting of polar ice caps and the drying up of
rivers, putting many animal species at risk of extinction. Even the air inside homes is polluted!

Indoor Air Transportation & Fuels

  • Indoor Air Pollution : Discusses the health problems indoor air pollution is known to cause.
  • WHO: Talks about how indoor air pollution specifically affects the lungs.
  • CDC Page : Discusses how indoor air pollution can ruin someone’s health.
  • Indoor Air Pollution Causes : Highlights how fuels affect the air in homes and how it causes health problems.
  • Indoor Air Quality Association : Talks about indoor air quality and offers tips on how to keep your home as pollution-free as possible.
  • Non-road Vehicles & Equipment
  • Clean Diesel Fuel Standards : Lists the EPA fuel standards for non-road vehicles and equipment that operate using diesel fuels.
  • Aircraft Pollution : Discusses aircraft pollution.
  • Cruise Ship Pollution : Shows how cruise ships cause pollution in the Caribbean.
  • Lawn Mower Pollution : Discusses how lawn mowers pollute the air.
  • ATV Pollution : Shows how ATVs pollute the air.

Acid Rain

Climate Change

Toxic Air Pollutants