Weather Science Experiments for Students

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Science fairs can be fun and a great way to show off what you have learned in school. With so many different subjects covered in science class, it can be tough to choose which topic to present on. Weather and meteorology are a very broad subjects, with lots of different things to cover and explore. Weather affects us every day, in many different ways. So, for your next science fair project, why not explore the wonderful world of weather? Using your knowledge of weather phenomenon and how weather is formed, you can teach others through your science experiment and give them a new perspective on the natural world that influences in many of our daily decisions – from what we wear to what activities we do inside or outside (weather permitting!). Blow away the competition with a gusty project about the wind or heat up the judges with a radiant project about the sun’s effects on the Earth! Use one of these weather projects or activities to get you started.

Science Fair Project Guidebook

Before beginning your science project, take a look at this guide to help you get started. This PDF has everything from helpful hints to science fair project layouts and ideas.

Designing an Environmental Science Project

A guide for teachers and students grades sixth through eighth, this PDF provides step-by-step directions to planning and designing an environmental science project worthy of a gold metal!

Science Fair Experiments by Grade Level

A great collect of fun and educational science fair projects from all K12 grade levels. Find a cool project to impress the judges this year!

Weather Experiment Questions

Are you stumped for your next science fair project? These questions can get your creative juices going. These questions can be used as the basis for a cool weather science project.

Weather Experiments for Kids

A few project ideas for weather experiments that can be used both at the science fair and in the classroom.

NOAA Weather Resources

Weather resources for K12 students interested in learning about the world around them and experiment with how weather works.

Energy Quest Science Projects

Sorted by category, this website includes tons of fascinating science fair projects to try.

Earthquake Science Fair Project Ideas

Shake things up with one of these seismic science fair ideas about earthquakes.

Science Resources

A collection of science fair ideas, education links and fun kids’ websites to spark everyone’s imagination and give them the tools they need to succeed in science!

Web Weather for Kids

Students can use this website to learn more about extreme weather and how it works. With weather activities and games, this weather website has something for everyone.

Weather in a Tank

This is an online weather lab that can be used to educate students about weather, the atmosphere and how they work.

The Cloud Cookbook

Wow the judges with one of these cool cloud science experiments. The Cloud Cookbook can also be used in the classroom to show students how clouds are formed.

Interactive Weather Resources

Explore the wonderful world of weather and get ideas for your next science experiment. There are so many different types of weather to discover!

The Water Cycle

Learn about the water cycle and its different steps. This page also includes activities that can be incorporated into the classroom.

Weather Activities

Weather activities and learning materials for K12 students and their teachers.

What is Weather?

A series of weather experiments about all things weather related.

Weather Wiz Kid Experiments

Tons of great project ideas and experiments about the wonders of weather.

The Interactive Weather Maker

Hands-on learners will love this interactive weather creation game; they can put their knowledge of weather to the test by creating their own weather phenomenon.

Kids Weather Links

A collection of kid-friendly weather resources for kids and educators.

Fun Weather Science for Kids

With tons of weather games and experiments for kids of all ages, this is the ultimate kids’ weather resource page.

The Science Explorer

A page with fun and educational games, experiments and weather information for kids.

Funology – Weather

Get excited about weather with some hands-on learning and these cool science projects! These science experiments can be easily incorporated into the classroom to for fun at home.

ZOOMsci Science Resources

PBS has a great science resources section for kids. The page includes a ton of great project ideas, including weather-related experiments.

Scholastic Weather Watchers

Classroom activities and lesson plans about weather.

Weather Related Science Projects Students and Their Families

Squidoo presents lots of ideas for weather science experiments, great for science fairs, classroom activities and at-home learning.

Weather Links for Elementary Learners

A collection of weather resources that is perfect for elementary school-aged students, their teachers and parents.

The Weather Channel for Kids

The Weather Channel presents a great collection of educational games and experiments for K12 students.

This is a series of resources and experiments about weather and how it is created. Students can explore many different types of weather phenomenon and how the Earth is affected by each.

How to Predict the Weather

An educational online activity that can help students learn to predict and report the weather.

Outdoor Weather Activities for Kids

Get the family or classroom outside to explore with hand-on learning with one of these fantastic and fun weather activities.

Tree House Weather

An interactive, kid-friendly website for younger children interested in learning about weather.

Fun Weather Fact and Quizzes

Test your knowledge of weather with these fun quizzes and weather facts.

Water Cycle Facts

Facts and information about the water cycle and its stages.

Weather Maps

This in-class or at-home weather map activity is a great way for elementary children to learn about weather maps and how they are used.

ThinkQuest – Weather

ThinkQuest presents an activity about weather maps for kids. This can be used in conjunction with a demonstration or lesson on weather and weather forecasting.

Basic Weather Websites

Answer the question: What is weather? With any one of these information weather websites.